If you’re like millions of English learners around the world, your story probably sounds a lot like this one:

I’m so frustrated because I can’t express myself automatically in spoken English. I become really nervous and embarrassed in conversations because I make grammar mistakes and often can’t pronounce words correctly. I have to think of what to say in my language and then translate it into English before I speak. I often use only simple sentences, and sometimes I just can’t find the right words to say. I don’t want to feel helpless anymore. How can I understand people and express myself in English clearly and automatically like native speakers??”

I get personal, emotional letters and comments like this every day from…

  • Students who struggle with traditional English learning methods in classrooms…
  • Parents who don’t understand their English speaking children…
  • Job seekers and employees who can’t get the position they want…
  • Executives and business owners who can’t express themselves confidently in English with co-workers and clients…
  • Retired professionals who want to use English NOW without learning boring grammar rules…

There’s one simple reason why so many English learners struggle to become fluent speakers. But before I reveal it, I’d like to share with you…

The True Story Of My Journey To Fluency

Drew Badger - English Speaking Confidence Expert

Hi there. I’m Drew Badger, author, English speaking confidence expert and co-founder of My online video lessons have been viewed nearly four million times, and I’ve trained thousands of English teaching professionals from around the world with my online videos, lectures and classes.


The most important thing I want you to know about me, however, is that I began my journey to becoming a highly experienced teacher as an extremely confused and frustrated language learner, just like you…

I didn’t speak ANY Japanese before I came to Japan in 2003 to teach English and study Japanese gardening. I had dreams of traveling and meeting new people, but when I finally arrived and couldn’t communicate, I felt so sad and alone.

My sadness quickly became depression as I began learning Japanese. I had failed French in high school, and barely passed Spanish in college, so I had very little confidence in myself. I just thought I was one of those people who couldn’t learn another language.

I tried going to Japanese lessons, but quit after my fourth class. I didn’t understand the teacher and felt too embarrassed to speak.

I also studied by myself at home. I bought lots of textbooks, listened to basic Japanese conversations on CDs, and spent WEEKS trying to write vocabulary words on flashcards…

But I only seemed to be getting WORSE!

I couldn’t remember anything I studied, no matter how hard I tried. I also couldn’t understand the pronunciation and accents of native Japanese speakers, or the words and phrases they used in conversations. I was incredibly nervous around native speakers, so I would usually just sit and listen while others talked, wishing I could express myself like they did.

When I finally tried to speak, I often had to think of what to say and translate words in my head. I used the wrong words in conversations, or pronounced them incorrectly, and others complained that they couldn’t understand me. I felt angry, stupid and ashamed.

Those first few months were painfully frustrating, but I didn’t give up because I remembered how far I had already come. I was finally living in Japan and I knew I would get fluent if I could just figure out how…

The #1 Reason Why Learners Struggle To Get Fluent

On a walk through a park near my tiny apartment in Japan one day, I wondered what my problem was. I didn’t understand how so many Japanese people could speak automatically while I couldn’t.

Then, when I stopped to watch some Japanese children playing with their mothers, everything became perfectly clear…

My problem wasn’t me. I wasn’t getting fluent because I was trying to learn spoken Japanese the wrong way. The children were doing the OPPOSITE of everything I had been taught as a foreign language teacher and language learner, but they were ones getting fluent!

  • 1. The children were learning everything IN Japanese. I was learning Japanese THROUGH the English language, and had been training myself to think and translate in my head before I spoke.
  • 2. The children were learning to use words and grammar naturally with the visual examples and simple stories their mothers used. I was trying to memorize words and grammar with boring lists, flashcards and drills.
  • 3. The children were learning slang, idioms and native, spoken Japanese. I was learning to read and write the polite, formal Japanese found in textbooks.
  • 4. The children were training their ears – and developing their pronunciation – by listening to fast speakers with difficult accents. I was listening to the slow, clear language of listening practice CDs.

That day at the park changed my life forever. What I realized in 5 minutes of watching those children gave me more insight into language learning than all of the years I’d spent trying to teach and learn languages.

From then on, I simplified the way I learned and practiced. I stopped using textbooks, and began to break down the spoken Japanese language into easy-to-study pieces. I made stories and images to help my mind connect with the language faster, and I created “fluency missions” to help me practice specific phrases with people in person and online.

Little by little, people were starting to understand my Japanese, and I could actually feel myself improving. I also worried less about making mistakes, started making more Japanese friends and began to feel excited about Japan again!

I could go on and on about the natural learning strategies I used to begin thinking in Japanese and speaking automatically, explain the special techniques I developed to see INSTANT improvement in my Japanese pronunciation, or reveal how I was able to meet TONS of Japanese speakers to practice with, even when I was living in America. But I’d rather share something much more powerful with you…

In the short video below, you’ll see me do something I thought would never be possible when I started to learn Japanese: speak fluently and confidently in front of a room full of people without having to translate. In this very personal clip from my wedding party in the spring of 2012, I make some grammar mistakes as I answer surprise questions – and my pronunciation isn’t perfect – but I’m able to express myself without fear. Our guests understood me, and I even made them laugh! :)

Fluency has completely transformed my life. I feel powerful and confident when I leave my home. I can get a haircut and order food at a restaurant without needing a translator. I can make reservations for trips over the phone easily, and enjoy long, interesting conversations without thinking before I speak.

Fluency has also revealed a mission for my life. I teach because I want everyone who struggles with language learning to know what speaking success feels like. There’s nothing more powerful for me than seeing the faces of students when they begin enjoying conversations without nervousness or fear, or when they make their first native English speaking friend.

The best part about what I do, though, is showing people who’ve struggled for so long just how simple and easy it is to get fluent. All you have to do is change the way you think, and learn the right way to study…

The Real Difference Between Those Who Get Fluent And Those Who Don’t

As I built my Japanese fluency and speaking confidence, I still had doubts. Had I really discovered the secret to becoming a successful speaker of another language, or was it just luck?

What if I hadn’t been able to live in Japan? What if I could never personally meet Japanese speakers to practice with? Would the same techniques and strategies work for other people, and for other languages?

I wanted to find out, so I started sharing what I had learned with personal students, and though videos online, just for fun.

Some students were having no luck trying to find people to practice with on English language learning forums, so I showed them some of my strange, but highly effective techniques for making lots of native English speaking friends online.

I helped others see BIG improvement in their accent and pronunciation with only tiny changes in how they spoke.

These were people living all over the world. Some were still in high school, while others were over 60. They were shy students who wanted confidence, and extroverts who just wanted to know the fastest ways to improve. Some of them were retired – or well paid professionals busy traveling the world – while others wanted the speaking skills that would get them their first job.

And after helping thousands of people, I finally understood that those who get fluent and become successful speakers aren’t especially lucky. They’re not smarter than everyone else, and they can come from places where there isn’t even a single native speaker to practice with… They simply think and learn in a completely different way.

Even as the global economy becomes more competitive – making excellent spoken English even more essential to success – these students who learn differently are dominating! They’re getting the jobs they want, enjoying respect as they travel and discovering a whole world of new opportunities open to them…

“I was looking for some course or videos to practice with, but what I found on the web was lots of grammar courses that drive me crazy. You teach how to learn real and spoken English, and this is what I was looking for.

I have told so many people about your system, I always recommend it. It´s amazing the way you teach and how it has been helping me with my fluency. I feel more confident.

I have two months watching your videos and practicing many of your techniques and guess what: I got hired at a call center today! As you say: Thank you, thank you, thank you, my friend.”

- Julio Alfredo P, Dominican Republic

“It’s amazing to watch your videos. It’s really helpful and interesting!! Actually, this is the first time that I feel more concentrate, with no frustration. I am from Morocco. The system of study here is almost disastrous. All we learn is about grammar and finally we found ourselves lost.”

- Anouar O, Morocco

“Since following your tips, I significantly improved my English faster, easier and better than any courses, books, videos, or any other thing I’ve ever used to get fluent. The basic difference between your methods and any other ones is that I’m sounding more like a native speaker! I used to consider English a difficult language and a school subject that needs a lot of work and effort, but since I found you, I’m enjoying speaking in English and getting fluent more than I could ever imagine!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

- Elia G, Kuwait

“I am 46 years old. I have been learning English for long time and I was always unconfident about my English. I have felt much better and more confident from the day when I read your advice.

- Ngyuen L, Vietnam

Now, it’s your turn to start living a life of English speaking success and freedom with the “secret weapon” of my best performing students…

Introducing Master English Conversation, A Fluency Program Like No Other

Master English Conversation is NOT a collection of boring audio lessons featuring actors reading scripts in ways native speakers would never actually talk.

It’s NOT a set of general English learning and practice “tips” you can find on Google or YouTube for free.

And it’s NOT something you’ll use for only 2 days and then forget about, like those textbooks sitting on your bookshelf.

Instead, over 2 years of research – and rigorous testing of every aspect of the course on people of all ages, interests, genders and educational levels – went into creating a step-by-step, monthly membership program with downloadable video, audio and text lessons built around a core of 3 powerful pillars you won’t find together anywhere else…

The 3 Essential Ingredients For Fast English Fluency And Speaking Confidence

Essential Ingredient #1: My Revolutionary “Fluency Bridge” Learning Method. Your biggest problem is NOT finding more vocabulary words to learn because these are readily available on millions of websites online. And your biggest problem is NOT having actual, native English to practice with because you’ve got instant access to English movies, TV and radio shows, and news programs whenever you want.

Your biggest problem – the #1 thing stopping you from becoming a great speaker – is that you don’t know how to learn native English effectively so that you train yourself to speak confidently, without thinking or translating. That’s it! :)

Like most students, you’ve already spent many years learning English the WRONG WAY. You’ve been trained to think in your own language before speaking, and right now you’re trying to improve with English movies, TV shows, music and conversations that are just too difficult for you.

To become a great speaker, you have to learn native English naturally in simple, comfortable steps, so you understand all of the native English words, phrases, slang, idioms, jokes and cultural references BEFORE seeing them in real situations. Learning this way will help you experience DRAMATIC improvement in all of your English skills, and destroy the fears you have of speaking in English.

Master English Conversation is the world’s first program to take you step-by-step from your current level of skill and understanding to the native, fluent level by teaching you everything you need to know BEFORE you experience fast, conversational English.

My “Fluency Bridge” method comfortably and easily helps you master grammar, learn slang and idioms, develop a great ear for native English accents and fast pronunciation, and understand culture – all without the need for any translating – so you’re well prepared for the native English you’ll meet in real life.

Imagine knowing all of the grammar, words, expressions and cultural references of your favorite English TV show BEFORE watching it. That would RADICALLY transform your experience from frustrating and confusing to clear and exciting!

This is exactly how you’ll learn each month with Master English Conversation… And your progress will be incredible. :)

Essential Ingredient #2: A Diverse, Entertaining Selection Of Topics. To become a great speaker fast, you have to expose yourself to a wide range of topics and ideas – from the everyday to the weird and unusual – just like native speakers do. More than grammar and pronunciation, a strong vocabulary and deep understanding of culture will get you to where you want to be with lightning speed.

Each month, a new set of video, audio and text lessons designed around an interesting theme will help you build an enormous active vocabulary of native English words and phrases, useful for both professional and casual situations. Past monthly themes include:

  • Love, Dating and Relationships
  • Hitchhiking and Travel
  • Animals and Pets
  • Cons and Scams
  • The Internet and Online Business
  • Humor, Irony and Sarcasm
  • Sickness and Health
  • Pastimes and Sports
  • And much, much more… Each with a unique set of fluency training and practice exercises

NOTE: Because Master English Conversation focuses much more on building your vocabulary than teaching grammar rules in a particular order, you can join the program at any time. Each lesson set helps you understand a “branch of English knowledge,” so you don’t need to know information from a one lesson set to understand and enjoy another.

Essential Ingredient #3: Engaging Video Lessons. Without question, the fastest way to learn English is through video. Audio and text lessons alone are far less memorable, and you can often miss 55% or MORE of the meaning of what you study without being able to see it. Video learning helps you SEE the whole language, and gives you the chance to understand how native speakers express emotion and move as they speak.

Each month, you’ll receive a new set of powerful Master English Conversation video lessons, complete with audio versions and full transcripts, to help you learn faster and remember more of what you study. You’ll find details of each video and audio lesson below…

Every month, as a Master English Conversation member, you’ll…

Master Grammar Without Boring Or Confusing Rules With The Grammar Focus Video Lesson

  • Focus on one specific grammar point, or group of related points, so your brain starts thinking in English, and you use grammar without stopping to think about rules.
  • Absorb grammar directly without the need for translating or thinking in your own lnaguage.
  • “See” how grammar works in context with simple videos, instead of staring at lists of grammar rules on a whiteboard.
  • Understand the subtle differences between the polite English used in professional situations and the casual English of everyday conversations with my rapid learning principles.
  • Master even advanced grammar with simple examples and fun, visual stories.
  • Teach your brain to recognize specific grammar points in native sentences easily – and understand how to blend them – to sound just like native speakers.

Learn To Use Grammar Automatically In Conversations With The Time Traveling Audio Lesson

  • Discover the secret to mastering grammar tenses naturally, so you stop suffering embarrassing pauses in conversations.
  • Use my Grammar Remixing technique to push complex grammar points deep into your brain the way native speakers do.
  • Build your bridge to native English with fun stories told at different speeds.
  • Get exposed to the natural, conversational sounds, slang and contractions – like “I’d’ve” – that you’ll never find in classrooms or textbooks.
  • Develop the all-important “sense of correctness” that you must have to speak without thinking.
  • Learn to think and speak just like native speakers by comparing the “textbook” and real English versions of stories.

Learn To Sound Like A Native Speaker With The Phrase Builder Video Lesson

  • Learn to understand even fast native speakers with difficult accents.
  • Discover the simple blending techniques that will help you speak so well people will actually think you’re native.
  • Go straight to fluent speech without having to learn a whole language of complicated sound names and symbols like the International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • Master the real, native words and phrases you WON’T find in textbooks.
  • Reduce your accent and develop great pronunciation.
  • Review natural expressions at native speed so you never learn to speak “robot English.”
  • See real examples of useful phrases, jokes, sarcasm, proverbs, idioms and slang, and hear stories of how they’re used in the lives of native speakers.
  • Know what’s being spoken in professional and casual conversations TODAY.
  • Explore the history and culture behind words and phrases so you’ll always remember them.

Learn To Think, Act And Speak natively With The Fluency Corner Video Lesson

  • Understand WHY native speakers do what they do with thorough examinations of language and culture.
  • Discover my best techniques for developing leadership skills, building speaking confidence, thinking in English, speaking under pressure and much more.
  • Get simple, clear explanations of complex – and often confusing – English language topics and grammar.
  • Steal the fluency shortcuts of native speakers that will have you learning expressions 2 – 3 times faster.
  • See clear examples of how to move and behave so you’re prepared for meeting native speakers in real life.
  • Master words and expressions visually so they become unforgettable.

Get Fluent And Build Speaking Confidence With The Master Class Video Lesson

  • See how everything you’ve practiced in the previous lessons comes together in a real, unscripted, unrehearsed conversation between two or more native speakers. See how we use grammar, move, joke, pause to think, interrupt each other and use emotions… FOR REAL!
  • Learn ONLY native, conversational English ALL IN ENGLISH. NO translating. NO actors. NO fake dialogue. NO slow, unnatural pronunciation.
  • Understand how we blend sounds, use grammatically incorrect English, pause to think and create new words.
  • Watch as we speak fluently WHILE MAKING MISTAKES to destroy your belief that perfect English equals fluent English.
  • Feel your confidence grow as all of the “fluency pieces” you’ve already studied – like grammar, phrases and pronunciation – become clear and easy to understand, even at native speed.
  • Unlock the door to my best secrets for fluency with Special Mission Homework Assignments, the very same “fluency missions” I developed for building confidence, meeting native speakers, and becoming a great speaker FAST.
  • Begin opening your mind to a world of international friendships, travel and other opportunities.

Meet Native English Speaking Practice Partners With The Special Mission Homework Assignment

  • Get my best strategies and tips each month for meeting native speakers excited to practice speaking with you.
  • Learn how to meet native English speakers to practice with no matter how old you are or where you live in the world.
  • Discover the best ways to begin conversations with native English speakers online and in person.
  • Develop the mindset that will help you overcome shyness.
  • Understand how to find friendly people to practice with who share your interests and passions.
  • Spend time making true friends and building lasting relationships with native English speakers instead of struggling to find people who aren’t very serious or helpful on English language learning forums.

Practice Speaking And Test Your Understanding With The Question Everything Audio Lesson

  • Practice speaking with me in a simulated, completely stress-free conversation to build your speaking confidence.
  • Test your knowledge, understanding and skills with OVER 100 questions covering the entire month’s video and audio lessons.
  • Know EXACTLY how well you’re learning each month, and discover what you need to review to improve.
  • Train yourself to respond automatically to native English with questions that become progressively faster.
  • Speak along with me, saying every question and answer to reduce your accent and become a speaker of clear, easy-to-understand English.
  • Review each and every important grammar point, sound, phrase and insight to force it deep into your mind and add it to your active vocabulary.
  • Sharpen your focus with trick questions that keep you thinking and alert.

Master English Conversation Also Features…

  • Lesson instructions, a teacher’s manual, videos, audios and PDF transcripts ALL IN ENGLISH. This means no more translating as you learn. You learn new words and phrases exactly like native speakers do, and master conversational English without needing to think in your own language.
  • MP4 video lessons you can watch online or download – and downloadable MP3 audio lessons – for use on any device, anytime, anywhere. Download everything and enjoy learning at the beach, while hiking, on the train, at the gym, in your car, or anywhere else where there’s no Internet available.
  • Full PDF transcripts of every video and audio lesson. Read transcripts before lessons to prepare your brain for the native English, or read along as you watch or listen to make sure you catch every single word.
  • NO complicated software to install. Your computer and mobile devices should all run the downloadable MP4 video lessons, MP3 audio lessons and PDF transcripts. If you can’t open the PDFs, simply click here to download the free Adobe Reader.
  • Bonus video and audio lessons. As powerful as Master English Conversation is, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the program. Every month, I learn more about what’s working best for students, and get great ideas for things that might make the program even better. Imagine a program where you could wish for new lessons or features, and then actually see them the following month in your new lesson set. This is ALREADY happening in Master English Conversation, and the program will continue to improve with each new member.
  • Color-coded subtitles in videos to help you pinpoint important phrases and grammar. Every important grammar point, word and phrase you hear is written on the screen in bright subtitles. This technique helps to keep your focus on what’s happening on the screen, and improves your retention.
  • New surprises each month. There’s ALWAYS something new and exciting to look forward to with Master English Conversation. You’ll get used to the monthly lesson format very quickly, but there will always be something new to keep you motivated to study. New grammar points to focus on. New slang and idioms to practice. New insights to bring you deeper into the English language…
  • Constant improvement and updating. I’m always looking for better ways to help you learn, and experimenting with lessons based on the monthly feedback I receive from learners just like you.
  • Current English. Unlike English programs you buy once, Master English Conversation never goes out of date. Each month, you’re sure all of the words and expressions you’re learning are being used by native speakers. You also know all of the practice tactics you’re learning will work.
  • Monthly mails from me to keep you motivated, excited to learn and up to date on program news. I’m always here when you have questions, and I’ll be right along with you each month as you improve with more tips, personal advice and support.
  • Lifetime access. Every lesson you download is yours to keep, and you’ll have them to study with for the rest of your life.
  • An experienced, trusted guide who knows the path to fluency and speaking confidence. From knowing only a few words when I cam to Japan to becoming a confident speaker, I know exactly what it feels like to get fluent. I know where you’ll have trouble and need support, and will protect you from common mistakes. With me on your side, your progress is guaranteed.
  • Phenomenal upgrade discount. When our Total Fluency Program opens to new members again, Master English Conversation 2.0 members who wish to upgrade will be able to do so at a very reduced rate. Total Fluency Program Members get access to EVERY Master English Conversation lesson set – both the original program and Master English Conversation 2.0 – PLUS access to the online bonus video collection and a personal speaking evaluation from me.
  • No hidden fees or charges. What you see on this page is the price you’ll pay for life, even as the program continues to improve and you receive more lessons each month. The price of Master English Conversation will very likely increase in the near future as the value of the program gets better, but the price you’ll pay today will NEVER go up.
  • Easy, quick cancellation. If at any time you discover Master English Conversation isn’t right for you, or life just gets too busy, simply send me a mail and I’ll cancel your membership. :)

Extraordinary Results From Everyday People Like You And Me

As you read these, ask yourself these two questions: What if I could get HALF of the results shown here? And what could even one great learning technique, or small changes to the way I learn English now, mean for the rest of my life?

“Yesterday I spoke to many Americans at an exhibition. Our CEO from our US office told me that my English has improved 100% thanks to you!”

Gosina - Master English Conversation Member

Gosina G
Member from Germany

“I can proudly say I’m now on my way to becoming a fluent English speaker. This course made me a confident speaker and my fear of speaking English vanished.”

Bhaskar - Master English Conversation Member

Bhaskar B
Member from India

“Now I’m trying to find more chances to speak English. I can’t wait to see how surprised people look when I say the native expressions I’ve learned!”

Atsuko - Master English Conversation Member

Atsuko S
Member from Japan

How Will Master English Conversation Change YOUR Life?

You’ll finally understand what people are saying in conversations and movies, and you’ll be able to express yourself in English like you can in your own language.

You’ll learn to think in English, just like native speakers, and will be able to respond without hesitation in conversations.

You’ll no longer be stuck trying to find practice partners the wrong way online. Instead of hours spent on English learning forums looking unsuccessfully for practice partners, you’ll know how to make true native English speaking friends… any time you want.

You’ll have the confidence and freedom to travel, and the skills to find business and employment opportunities even in the worst economies.

You’ll be praised and envied by friends, family and business associates. Others will wonder what your secret to English speaking success is, and you’ll become a valued leader.

But This Elite Group Isn’t For Everyone…

I’m very selective about who I teach. I’d rather work with a small group of excited learners who are committed to taking action, than a large group of people looking for some magic pill that will make them fluent overnight.

Master English Conversation is NOT for you if…

  • You expect extraordinary results without wanting to actually practice and do the fluency missions. Master English Conversation will teach you EXACTLY what to do to become a great speaker, but you’ll only see results if you’re ready to work.
  • You just want to pass written English tests. Master English Conversation will help you improve your test scores, but the program is designed for people who want to actually USE English in their personal and professional lives.
  • You’re a beginner. Master English Conversation is for intermediate to advanced learners who can read and understand what I’ve written on this page, and want to take their English to the native level.

Master English Conversation IS for you if…

  • You’re tired of traditional methods and just want an experienced teacher – and a proven system – to help you get fluent quickly and speak like native speakers
  • You’ve found success using the strategies I teach with my free Power Learning course, blog, videos and other audio lessons
  • You’re OK being uncomfortable to help yourself grow. I’ll teach you EXACTLY how to destroy your fears, understand and master real English quickly, and meet native speakers, but you have to be ready to follow through.

Compare Master English Conversation With…

Attending classes at an English school. These lessons will probably teach you the same poisonous techniques that you’ve been struggling with for years, and you’ll have to learn on THEIR schedule. Classes can cost THOUSANDS of dollars a year, and I’ve never heard of a single one guaranteeing fluency and speaking confidence.

Living and studying abroad. This is an excellent option if you’ve got the time and money, but it’s just not practical for most people. The plane ticket alone could cost you thousands of dollars, and no one will guarantee your results.

Taking private lessons. Personal lessons with an experienced, native teacher like me can also be a great investment. But the right teacher can be very hard to find. Be prepared to pay at least a few hundred dollars a month for individual lessons, and don’t expect any guarantees.

Buying English learning software courses. Many only work on certain devices, and they’re quickly outdated. If you want to learn the real English native speakers are using in conversations right now, these programs won’t help you. Some courses will cost you HUNDREDS of dollars for a simple set of audio lessons, and STILL charge you monthly fees for access to online content. Here, the only guarantee you’ll likely receive is a warranty for the product itself.

Of course, there is one other option: Doing nothing. This option is really the most expensive of all… Guaranteed. Before choosing this option, know that MORE THAN ONE THIRD of businesses are aggressively hiring people specifically for their language abilities. Fluent speakers of English as a second language can significantly increase their potential for promotions and expect salaries 25-30% HIGHER than those who can’t speak English in many industries. They also enjoy greater freedom to travel and make international friends far more easily.

Master English Conversation is unlike any of the options above. It’s tested rigorously, always improving, affordable, and proven to help you become a great speaker. And if it doesn’t? Unlike each of these other options, it comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee…

My Personal Fluency Guarantee And Promise To You


Unlike the other options above, I personally guarantee that by joining this program, you will start understanding native speakers much more readily, speak much more smoothly and confidently, and meet more native speakers to practice with than ever before.

I can’t, however, guarantee you will become a perfect speaker in just a few months. I wouldn’t trust anyone promising that.

This is a challenging program and, though strict testing, I’ve made the path to English fluency as simple and easy as possible. But you’ll still have to practice.

I also promise to be right along with you each and every month as you improve. I’ll be right here to answer your questions, motivate you to improve and share in your successes.

Test my methods for yourself, absolutely risk free… Follow the program with an open mind, practice as I instruct, and complete the monthly fluency missions, and I guarantee your life will be forever changed.

If you’re not absolutely amazed with your progress and the quality of this program… just send me an email. I’ll refund 100% of your money and we’ll part as friends. :)

I’m confident about making these personal promises – risking my own time, money and professional reputation – because I’ve seen the results that Master English Conversation can give to regular people. And I want to do everything I can to help you make the decision to become a confident, fluent English speaker… finally!

You have a full 60 days to try Master English Conversation, knowing that you can get every penny of your money back if you’re not completely satisfied. I am GUARANTEEING your success 100%, and I believe you can do it!

“After using a native expression, my son said to me, ‘Mom, your English is getting better. Seriously it makes me feel better.’ I saw on his face it was surprise for him.”

Zsuzsanna V
Member from Hungary

“My friends always tell me that my speaking improved a lot! It feels great to speak without fear. My confidence has improved a lot with Master English Conversation!!”

Carlos A
Member from El Salvador

“Before joining, I was too shy and scared. Now, my English is good enough, so I can do things that never before. Your lessons really prepare me for real conversation.”

Jaroslava S
Member from Czech Republic

Included In Your
Master English Conversation 2.0
Premium Monthly Membership

  • Get 80% OFF your first month in the program!
  • Get instant access to your first Master English Conversation 2.0 lesson set when you join – everything is downloadable so there’s no waiting for anything to be shipped to you – and receive a brand new lesson set on the 10th of each month. This is my fully updated program – the absolute best system, lessons and training exercises I’ve ever created to help you become an incredible English speaker quickly.
  • Get the powerful core of my “Fluency Bridge” rapid learning system, an interesting and motivating topic to learn with, and dynamic video lessons each month for the fastest results possible.
  • Get a monthly Grammar Focus video lesson (with bonus audio version and full transcript) to help you master grammar naturally – without boring lists or confusing rules – so you speak without thinking and translating in your own language
  • Get a monthly Time Traveling audio lesson (with full transcript) to help you review different tenses and use grammar instantly in conversations
  • Get a monthly Phrase Builder video lesson (with bonus audio version and full transcript) to help you understand fast native speakers, reduce your accent and speak smooth English confidently
  • Get a monthly Fluency Corner video lesson (with bonus audio version and full transcript) to help you go inside the culture of fluent English so you learn think and act just like a native speaker
  • Get a monthly Master Class video lesson (with bonus audio and full transcript) to help you understand even fast native English and destroy your fear of responding to speakers in conversations
  • Get a monthly Special Mission Homework Assignment (included in the Master Class video lesson) to help you practice what you learn in the real world with fun challenges and word-for-word scripts you can use to start conversations and meet more native speakers
  • Get a monthly Question Everything audio lesson (with full transcript) to help you review everything in the month’s lesson set, check your understanding and progress, and practice speaking with me in a comfortable way
  • Get a monthly complete word and phrase Quick Reference Glossary, so you know exactly what you’ve learned and can review lessons easily
  • Get full Guides for Students and Teachers so you know exactly how to use the lessons to become a great speaker quickly
  • Get a Monthly Lesson Overview to help you understand and locate subjects in each lesson set quickly

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My Challenge To You…

You’ve just been through some of the most researched, cutting-edge material on becoming a confident speaker of fluent English ever created. You’ve seen how important a learning system with a step-by-step path from “textbook” English to native English is… You’ve learned that you must master your psychology before you can make rapid improvement… And you’ve seen countless examples of valuable practice strategies and tactics that have helped learners all over the world take their English ability to the next level.

If you’ve taken the time to read this far, it’s clear you want to make a change. You have 2 choices today:

You can continue learning the old ways, believing that English fluency is for ”other people” who live in English speaking countries, already know English speakers they can practice with, or are younger than you.

Or you can follow a proven plan of simple principles and tested techniques that have helped people all over the world just like you and me transform themselves into the fantastic, successful speakers others admire.

Whatever you decide, don’t wait around doing nothing, hoping fluency will magically happen for you. Studies show that the people who TAKE ACTION FASTEST are the people most likely to experience success.

Even if you never become a member of my program, at least make the decision to get fluent SOMEHOW. Pick something that works for you and keep going. Your success is so important to me because I remember how awful it felt to struggle to get fluent. However you decide to learn, I want you to know the feelings of great joy and confidence – and experience the amazing opportunities that begin to appear in your life – when you finally become a great speaker.

If you’re done with the same boring methods and you’re ready to start getting fluent the smart way, then I invite you to become a member of Master English Conversation.

Maybe your first success story will come from a technique you learn in the Phrase Builder video lesson that gives you the pronunciation improvement you need to impress a life-changing friend or international business partner. Maybe it will come from an expression you learn that you’ll use with perfect timing in a meeting or conversation. Or maybe you’ll just master my word blending practice technique to finally understand every last word, phrase, joke and reference in your favorite English movie or TV show.

You owe it to yourself to find out…

Click the “Click Here To Join” button below, and in less than 60 seconds, you’ll be downloading you’re your very first lesson Master English Conversation 2.0 set…And taking your first steps to a new life of English fluency and speaking confidence. And remember, the entire course is backed by my personal, 100% money-back guarantee, so you’ll be able to enjoy learning the smart way worry-free. :)


Frequently Asked Questions About Master English Conversation

What’s the difference between the free Power Learning course and Master English Conversation?

Power Learning reveals the principles of rapid, successful language learning, like how to remember words instantly, and what dangerous learning mistakes to avoid. Master English Conversation is a complete language learning program that teaches you the actual grammar, words, phrases, culture and practice strategies you need to know to become a confident, fluent English speaker. The two programs are complementary, and I recommend you join both.

Can I join anytime?

Definitely! You can begin learning at any time as each lesson set is a complete, mini-course focusing on a particular grammar point, collection of phrases and fluency-building skills. What you learn each month will contribute to your overall speaking success, but you can study lessons in any order.

How do I get my lessons, and when will I receive new lessons each month?

Once you join, you get immediate access to your first set of downloadable video, audio and text lessons. Everything is digital, so you can download lessons instantly without having to wait for anything in the mail.

New Master English Conversation lesson sets will be available in your online account on the 10th of every month. You’ll receive mails from me when each new lesson set is released.

Can I enjoy lessons anywhere on my smartphone and tablet without Internet?

Yes! Lessons will work on any smartphone or tablet that can play MP4 videos and MP3 audio files – and display PDFs. And once you download your lessons, you don’t need an Internet connection to learn. Most learners download lessons onto their computer and then transfer files onto their portable devices. If you would like to download lessons directly onto an iPad, this article will teach you how.

Are there tests to check my progress?

Master English Conversation is not a typical English conversation self-study course. There aren’t any graded tests, but each month you’ll receive a special audio lesson that will check your knowledge of the lessons, help you practice speaking and show you which lessons you need to go back and review. You’ll also receive special challenges, homework assignments and missions each month to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. Ultimately, you’ll know the program is working when you start understanding more English in your everyday life, and speaking more confidently.

How can I join if I don’t have a credit card?

You can create a PayPal account and transfer money from your bank account to your online PayPal account. It’s simple, secure and free! Click here to create a PayPal account.

Do you accept checks or bank transfers?

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t offer these forms of payment for individuals. If you represent a company or group and would like to receive lessons for many learners, however, please click here to mail us.

How long should I remain and member, and when does the course end?

I recommend you remain in the program for at least a year for the best results. However, Master English Conversation is a life-long learning system, and some members have been in the program since it began nearly two years ago.

There are always new words and phrases being created so we’ll always be creating new, fun lessons and video series to help you improve your fluency. Stay in the program for as long as you like, improve at your own pace and cancel your membership easily at any time. :)

How can I cancel my membership, and are there refunds?

You can cancel whenever you like just by sending a mail to That’s it! Once we receive your cancellation request, which usually happens in less than 24 hours, cancellation takes about five minutes to process. We then send you a quick mail to let you know your membership has been cancelled.

If you’re not excited about your progress, we’ll happily refund every penny. You’ve got a full 60 days to enjoy the program… 100% guaranteed.



I’m so excited to help you become a great English speaker, and I’ll see you on the inside!

Drew Badger

Drew Badger
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PS: If you have any questions at all, please click here to mail me! :)