If You Can’t Speak Fluent English Confidently, Keep Reading To Discover…
"The Fast Fluency Secret Of
The World's Best English Learners
…That Can Help You Become A Successful Speaker
No Matter Where You Live, How Old You Are, And
Even If You’ve Struggled To Get Fluent For Years
Drew Badger
Nagasaki, Japan
From the Desk of Drew Badger
The World's #1 English Fluency Guide

Dear Friend,

What you're about to discover is unknown to 99% of English learners…

It’sThe Secret to becoming a confident, fluent English speaker unbelievably FAST…

Even if right now you...
  •  Feel shy or embarrassed in conversations...
  •  Can only say basic sentences with awful pronunciation...
  •  Have to think about grammar rules, and translate every word in your head before you speak...
  •  Forget your words in conversations, like you KNOW what you want to say, but your words just disappear when you speak...
Well, if you struggle with any - or ALL - of these frustrating problems, you will soon know exactly what to do to finally become a successful English speaker FAST!

Sound good?

The SECRET to fast fluency is actually very simple...

But before I can reveal it, I must first explain…
Why You Struggle To
Speak English Fluently 
The real reason frustrated and confused English learners all over the world never become fluent is because traditional English language learning methods DON'T train you to speak.

These traditional methods and classes only teach you to memorize formal English for written tests, usually in your native language.

This is why you know many grammar rules, but often can’t use these rules correctly and automatically in conversations…

And why you can read, write and understand quite a lot of English, but still struggle to communicate.

So… It’s not your fault that you can’t yet express yourself fluently...

AND that there's nothing wrong with you that's stopping you from becoming a successful speaker!

Isn't that fantastic?!

But the MORE EXCITING NEWS is that because these lessons DID teach you a lot of English, you’re actually VERY CLOSE to becoming a confident, automatic English speaker right now!

All you have to do now to finally reach your goals is…
Learn To Speak Conversational
English The Right Way
I’m now going to tell you the fastest, easiest way to learn spoken English so you express yourself without even thinking about it.

Wouldn't that be great... To enjoy conversations without hesitation?

It’s a simple system I discovered after spending more than 10 years failing to learn French, Spanish and Japanese – before finally becoming a successful speaker of a second language – that’s NOT taught in schools.

To become a confident, fluent English speaker FAST, you only need to understand one simple idea
Here's How To Speak Like A Native
Without Studying For Years
When Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto saw that 20% of the people control 80% of the wealth, he discovered an UNBREAKABLE LAW OF NATURE the 80/20 principle – that applies to almost anything.

Ever noticed how you only wear just a few of the outfits in your closet most of the time?

Or that you usually spend time with only a very small number of the total people you know?

Or how most of the value of a book is contained in just a few pages?

Well, the exact same rule that applies to clothing, people and books also applies to LANGUAGES.

Right now, think about your native vocabulary for a moment...

You’ve probably learned thousands of words, phrases and expressions in your lifetime.

But, how much of this vocabulary do you often use in your daily conversations?

If you’re like most people, not much, because…

The Truth is that only 20% of the most common conversational vocabulary is used 80% of the time – again and again – in daily communication.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Now, because this is true for you and everyone else...

This means you DON’T have to spend time learning EVERYTHING native English speakers know to speak like a native

You ONLY have to learn the most common language that’s actually used in conversations!

Incredible, right?!

THIS is the fast fluency SECRET of the world's best English learners... The path to becoming a confident, natural speaker in WEEKS, not months or years!

But it gets EVEN BETTER because the 80/20 principle can help you do SO MUCH MORE than just build the right vocabulary incredibly fast…
The Fast Fluency Secret Of The
World’s Best English Learners
The 20% of the most common English grammar tenses are used 80% of time. Do you know which ones to master first? 

80% of your embarrassing speaking errors come from only 20% of mistakes you repeat again and again. Can you correct just these mistakes and make your speech nearly perfect, almost overnight?

80% of your fluency development comes from the most productive 20% of your learning and practice time. Would you like to practice for 15 minutes instead of 2 hours for the same amount of improvement?

The list goes on and on...

The fast fluency SECRET of the world’s best English learners is to use the power of 80/20 to squeeze the greatest amount of value and progress out of the least amount of time and effort!

So if you spend much of your time learning new words, studying grammar rules, listening to podcasts and reading textbooks… But still feel lost… Like you’re not getting any closer to fluency…

Start getting EXCITED!!!

Because you now have a clear, focused goal, and the KEY that unlocks…
The “LAZY” Way To Get Fluent
The path of 80/20 learning is truly the fastest way to get fluent, and it's GUARANTEED to get you from where you are to where you want to be...

If this all sounds great, and you’re ready to start expressing yourself in fluent English confidently TODAY...

It would be my pleasure to show you exactly how to apply 80/20 the right way so you can…
Become A Fluent English Speaker
In Just 15 Minutes A Day
I have over 10,540 personal students who learn with my premium programs…

More than 360,826 email subscribers receive my language learning tips, lessons and motivational stories…

Over 641,130 learners and teachers follow my online video lessons…

And more than 253,692,900 minutes of my videos have been watched.

But I don't say this to brag...

I'm sharing these numbers because they prove just how powerful the fluency secret of the world’s best English learners is...

And just how many people are joining this simple learning movement!

If you're ready to become one of the world's best English learners, I'd like to introduce you to...
The Fluency Bridge Learning System
The Fluency Bridge Learning System is the first ever VIDEO learning method that uses the principle of 80/20.

It's based on the same techniques I used to become a confident, fluent Japanese speaker – YES, 80/20 works with ANY language – but expanded into a complete program with my personal students over the past 10 years

The Fluency Bridge Learning System…
  •  Prepares you with videos of real English conversations so you’re ready to speak in the real world as quick as possible…
  •  Teaches you use the most common CONVERSATIONAL vocab, like phrasal verbs, slang, idioms and pop culture expressions – without any word lists to memorize – so you use them naturally and confidently in conversations WITHOUT hesitation…
  •  Gets you speaking from the very first video, and helps you build speaking confidence WITHOUT stress or embarrassment in two relaxing steps
  •  Trains you to use correct grammar and tenses automatically, WITHOUT any boring textbooks, drills, exercises or grammar tables…
  •  Shares the most effective study, memory and practice techniques the world’s best English learners are using TODAY (Learn like the best to speak like the best!)…
  •  Connects you with other friendly learners just like you who are also excited to practice their spoken English…
  •  Develops your listening skills so you understand even the fast speech and difficult accents of English speakers from around the world… 
  •  And builds GUARANTEED fluency FAST, all in just 15 minutes a day!
Together, the step-by-step series of videos and audios in The Fluency Bridge Learning System is called a Lesson Set:
SIX of these powerful Lesson Sets – each focused on a common conversation theme like social media, cooking and professional communication – have been combined into one proven, bestselling program called The Fluency Course.
The Fluency Course gives you INSTANT ACCESS to a video program that teaches over 2,000 conversational words, phrases, slang, idioms, phrasal verbs and expressions essential for successful personal and professional communication…
When you join, you get the complete program immediately - more than 39 hours of video and audio training available for streaming online or instant download so you can learn whenever and wherever you want, even without Internet.

All content can be enjoyed on a computer, smartphone, tablet or any other modern device.

You practice speaking with EVERY LESSON, and you even learn how to meet native speakers to practice speaking with so you don’t need to spend extra money on tutors and teachers!

There are subtitles so you understand every word, an online member’s area where you can comment and meet other learners to practice with, and VIP email support for any questions you have as you learn.

And it's...
Specifically Designed For Busy
Learners Who Want FAST Results
The Fluency Course was made for learners with very little time to study who can read and write English, but can't yet express themselves the way they want.

If you understand this letter but can't speak, you're PERFECT for the program!

Whether you want to advance your career, raise your pay, connect with more customers and clients, improve your test scores, travel with greater ease and confidence, increase your longevity and mental health, or just have better relationships with the English speakers in your life…

The program’s unique fluency training experience will quickly prepare you to express yourself correctly, confidently and without hesitation, no matter when or where you speak.

But I’ll let some of our students tell you why they LOVE the program AND their results...
Say "Hello!" To Your Fellow Learners!
Viviana, a learner from Argentina, told us:

“Last week, I watched the movie Tangled in English without subtitles. I'd never done that before and to my surprise I understood almost everything!”

She also said:

“Two weeks ago, I received a foreign visitor at my job, a man from the U.K.. We talked for a while, then he asked if I had lived in another country. When I answered 'no,' he asked, surprised, 'So how come you speak English so well?' I thought the system is definitely working out!"
Carlos, another of our students from El Salvador, had this to say:
“My friends say I’ve improved so much. I can really express what I want to say, and I feel so much more confident. Thank you!“
Ana Maria, from Spain, shared this:
"Now I reached my goals! I'm here in Sydney as postdoc visiting scholar and having fun talking with my pleasant colleagues at University and with other people on the street in English.“

Bhaskar, from India, had this to say:
“I can proudly say I’m now on my way to becoming a fluent English speaker. This course made me a confident speaker and my fear of speaking English vanished.”
And Jaroslava, from Czech Republic, told us:
"Before joining, I was too shy and scared. Now, with my improved speaking sills, I was able to find higher paying clients for my business!”
The Fluency Course is quickly changing the lives of learners EVERYWHERE...

So now I must ask...
What Is Fluency Worth To You?
How much happier would you be if you had complete confidence when speaking English?

Would your life be less stressful, more productive and more full of success if you could communicate without hesitation?

Just imagine speaking English confidently, correctly and quickly...

The opportunities you receive, the people you meet and the rewards you earn with fluency are truly priceless.

And I can PROMISE you will never get tired of SHOCKING people with how well you speak. :)

So, you can see why...
The Value of The Fluency Course is $997…
But I'm NOT going to charge this price for the program.

In fact, I'm going to give it to you for A LOT LESS, AND give you some very valuable bonuses FREE, if you accept my offer...

You might even love these MORE than the course!
The Fluency Bridge Toolkit –
A $277 Value 
(Yours Free)
The Fluency Bridge Toolkit is designed to make The Fluency Course faster and easier to use so you can spend even LESS time learning and reach your goals more quickly.
The first piece of our toolkit is our Interactive Video Player & Subtitles. This specially-designed software lets you control the speed of videos, and the time between speech sections in videos so you have as much time as you need to repeat and practice speaking.

This online video player also lets you automatically set the number of times each speech section repeats so you can practice every line as much as you like.

You can even click on any speech section in the Interactive Transcript to jump directly to that section of the video! It’s truly a customized learning experience so you can get fluent comfortably and quickly.
The Fluency Bridge Toolkit also gives you “Cheat Sheet” Overviews of every lesson set so you can easily see what’s covered and find particular topics, vocabulary or grammar points to focus on.
You also get the COMPLETE Transcripts of every lesson in printable PDFs. We’ve included every “umm” and “uhh,” interruption and “speaking mistake” found in our real English conversations and lessons so you “catch” every word and can learn to speak exactly like natives.

Finally, you’re getting the Quick Reference Glossary for every lesson set! These mini-dictionaries give quick definitions of every word and phrase covered so you can quickly review everything you learn in the lessons.

With the $997 value of The Fluency Course, this brings the total value of everything included to $1,274.

PLUS… Because I know many learners want more than just fluency, you’re also getting…
Advanced Fluency Training –
A $249 Value 
(Yours Free)
Many learners want to reach the native level of language mastery, so I’m also giving you two additional courses, one focused on native listening and the other focused on native speaking!
To help you understand even difficult spoken English, specifically for very common conversation topics, I’m including two additional advanced listening-focused lesson sets.

As you work through these lessons, your ears become more sensitive and you become much more able to understand even conversations with multiple speakers.
I also want you to have advanced speaking training, so I’m including both a collection of Conversation Builder audios that train you to express yourself for longer periods of time, AND a collection of Natural Speech audios that train you to think more like a native and use the right expression at the right time!
The value of The Fluency Course, The Fluency Bridge Toolkit and the Advanced Fluency Training together is $1,523.

But there’s something MORE I wanted to give you that you won’t find anywhere else…
The Insight: The Secret to Total Confidence –
A $120 Value (Yours Free)
You can learn all the vocabulary and grammar in the world, but if you aren’t confident enough to use it, you’ll never become a successful speaker.
How do you keep going when it seems like you aren’t improving?
What should you do to boost your confidence if you feel nervous in conversations?

The answer to these questions and many more are found in The Insight, the essential mindset-training companion to The Fluency Course

And it's ONLY available in this package.

The Insight reveals a way of seeing the world that makes everything possible. It will motivate you each day, and show you exactly how to reach your English speaking goals, even when you experience difficult times that would make others quit.

I’m so confident it will improve the way you learn – as well as the way you do everything else in your life – that must be included in this special package.

The total value of The Fluency Course, The Fluency Bridge Toolkit, the Advanced Fluency Training together and The Insight is $1,643.

But we’re not finished yet!

There’s still one more important thing you ABSOLUTELY need if you want to become a confident speaker as quickly as possible…

It's actually SO important that I can't believe it's not offered in any other program I've seen...
My 16 Best Fluency Missions –
A $197 Value 
(Yours Free)
My language learning life changed forever when I put down the textbook and created special training missions to help me practice – and build speaking confidence – in the real world.
Now, I know this may seem difficult or intimidating. A lot of learners have trouble meeting native English speakers to practice with. But it's really very simple and easy once you understand how to meet and speak with them the right way.
I teach you exactly where to meet people, how to "open" conversations like native speakers, and exactly what to say so it's all incredibly easy for you to connect with as many people to practice with as you like.

And once you begin to do it, your progress SHOOTS UP like a rocket!
The value of this training ALONE is worth the cost of the entire program because it can help you connect with as many native English speakers as you like, all for FREE...

Gosina, one of our students from Germany, wrote specifically to thank us for this unique training:
Gosina, one of our students from Germany, told us this:
“I took your advice and spent the whole weekend with native English speakers on a tour in Munich, Germany! I improved so much, and made so many friends I still speak with!”

She was also happy to share:

“Yesterday I spoke with many Americans at an exhibition. Our CEO from our US office told me that my English has improved 100% thanks to you!”
Gosina proves that you really can meet people to practice speaking with no matter where you live in the world.

And you will, too, once you begin using these simple tips and tricks!

I teach you exactly where to meet people (online and in person), how to "open" conversations like native speakers, and exactly what to say so it's all incredibly easy for you to connect with as many people to practice with as you like!

The value of this training ALONE is worth the cost of the entire program because it can help you connect with as many native English speakers as you like without ever having to pay for a teacher!

All together, the value of The Fluency Course, The Fluency Bridge Toolkit, the Advanced Fluency Training together, The Insight and the 16 Fluency Missions is $1,840.

And you can see why The Fluency Course and all of these valuable bonuses give you an incredible value, even at more than $1,000

But today, because I know you’re a serious learner who wants to start seeing instant improvement in your speaking confidence and fluency TODAY…

You can get the entire program right now, NOT for $997

NOT for $797, $597 or even $297

I want you to have access to everything immediately for just one payment of only $149.

That’s it!

There are no hidden payments or fees. Just $149 today, one-time, for this complete program and ALL of the bonuses.

Isn't that incredible?!

You get the entire program that took me over 10 years to create - PLUS all of the bonuses - for OVER 90% OFF...

That's a savings of $1,691!
Here's Why You Can Join
Today For Over 90% Off...
I know $149 is incredibly low. It’s actually so low that we get emails from people desperately asking to buy it when their offer expires.  

I’m giving you this program because I’m a language learner, too.

You’ve likely tried many books, lessons and even other online courses that didn’t help you reach your goals.

I know how frustrating it is to to pay high prices for programs that don’t work...

So I want to make your decision to join INCREDIBLY SIMPLE.

But if this still doesn’t sound like an opportunity you can't miss…
You Either Love It Or It’s FREE!
If you’re not completely happy with your progress within 60 days, I'll return your entire $149 payment AND let you keep everything anyway.
That's right. Just email me at info@englishanyone.com and I'll give you a full refund.

You’re definitely NOT going to get an offer like this from a typical class or school.

So if this sounds fair…

Click on the green button below and join The Fluency Course for OVER 90% OFF... Before this offer disappears:
“Though it's only been about a week since I started learning with you, I can already see the improvements in my English, particularly in my fluency level.”

  – Eunice Y, South Korea

"I want to share with you today‘s news! Last month I was participating in an employment selection for one big law company with English-speaking requirements. And I aced it! I could speak very confidently in English and was able to understand and to answer every question i was given. I got it. I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!“

  - Diana D, Lithuania

"Thanks to your program, I got new job from June of this year in a big US company where I’m in touch daily with English!”

  - Mario K, Slovakia 

"After using a native expression, my son said to me, ‘Mom, your 
English is getting better. Seriously it makes me feel better.’ I saw it on his face. It was surprise for him.“ 

  – Zsuzsanna V, Hungary

"I received a big help from your program to lift my confidence to be able to speak English as natives do. My TOEFL score rose from 78 in Nov to 87 in Jan. This boosted the strength of my application to a master’s program, and I was accepted with a scholarship!” 

  – Santi C, Indonesia
If You're Ready To Speak
Fluent English Confidently...
Here is everything you're getting:

The Fluency Course ($997 Value!)
The Fluency Bridge Toolkit ($277 Value!)
Advanced Fluency Training ($249 Value!) 
The Insight ($120 Value!)
16 Fluency Missions ($197 Value!)
Instant access and keep your lessons forever
60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee 
TOTAL VALUE = $1840!

(in US dollars)
It's just one payment for a guaranteed system we 
know can help you become fluent.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I really get fluent in just 15 minutes a day?

Yes! You can spend more time learning – and you will get fluent much faster if you do – but even only 15 minutes of focused practice each day with the right system is more powerful than spending an hour with traditional programs that won’t help you improve your speaking.

How does the Fluency Course help me improve my speaking?

The program helps you improve your speaking with a unique two-step process. First, you practice speaking with EVERY LESSON to master the content.

Then, you apply what you learn with special fluency missions in the real world to make friends, develop fluency and build speaking confidence.

How does the program correct my speaking?

The first step to expressing your own thoughts and ideas is to see examples of how native speakers do it. As you learn with the program, you develop a native "sense of correctness," and then begin applying the rules and vocabulary you learn with your own ideas and expressions. Once you understand the way to speak, adding your own words is EASY!

Then, you practice what you learn in the real world using the program's 16 fluency missions with native speakers, and they can help correct any errors, AND help you master EVEN MORE!

How do I get my lessons?

Join The Fluency Course and you receive instant access to an online account containing your digital mp4 videos, mp3 audios and pdf transcripts. Nothing is physically sent in the mail, and you can start learning instantly!

Will the lessons work on my computer/phone/tablet?

Yes! There is no complicated software to install, and the lessons work on ANY modern computer. You can use your lessons instantly on any device, and once you’ve downloaded them, you don’t need Internet.

Is the program guaranteed?

Absolutely! If you’re not satisfied with your progress, simply send us a mail within 60 days and we’ll give you a full refund.

Is it just one payment?

Yes! You just make one payment today and then get instant access to all of your lessons. There are no monthly fees or any hidden payments.

The price of the course is in what currency?

All products on EnglishAnyone.com are in United States dollars. Payments can be made in almost any currency, and currency conversion happens automatically at checkout.

If you don’t have a credit card or PayPal account, just ask someone you know who does to purchase the program for you, and then pay them back in cash. Many of our students do this. :)

I’m so excited to help you become a great English speaker, and I’ll see you on the inside!
Drew Badger
Your English Fluency Guide
And Founder of EnglishAnyone.com

P.S. If you have any questions at all, please click here to mail me! :)

P.P.S. If you're one of those people who skipped to the end of the letter, here's the offer:

I'm giving you a complete fluency training video and audio program (with full transcripts) that teaches you how to become a confident, fluent English speaker FAST using the power of the 80/20 principle.

The total value of the program and bonuses is $1,840, but you can get it today for one payment of just $149 because I'm also a language learner, and I want to help as many learners as possible.

It's just a one-time payment today.

There are also no tricks or hidden charges. I just want to demonstrate how quickly you can improve your spoken English if you learn the right way.

And I also know that once you see how quickly you improve with the program, you'll want to learn even more with me. :)

If you don't like it 100%, let me know within 60 days and I'll give you back the $149. You can even keep the program and bonuses.

This is a VERY limited-time offer because I’m looking for serious learners excited to improve NOW, so join before the price goes back up.

Click on the green button below to join now!

You’ll be happy you took action when you see how much you learn in just 15 minutes with the program! :)

Start Getting Fluent In Just 1 Minute...

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