If You're Frustrated By Poor Spoken English, Let Me Share With You...
The Fast Fluency Secret Of The World's Best English Learners
…That Can Help You Become A Successful Speaker
No Matter Where You Live, How Old You Are, And
Even If You’ve Struggled To Get Fluent For Years!
Drew Badger
Founder of
Dear English Learner,

I understand what it's like to KNOW a lot of words and grammar, but struggle to SPEAK automatically, quickly, correctly and confidently.

For over 10 years, I failed at learning other languages...
I always forgot my words, and the fears were endless:
"Will I make a mistake? Do I sound unnatural? Are they judging me? Is that the right grammar? What if I can't understand, or if they misunderstand me?"
Until I made a discovery that proves your communication problems are NOT your fault:
Most Language lessons DON'T train you to speak!
You learn formal English in most lessons, NOT the natural, spoken language of real conversations.
And you memorize information,
rather than build the skills you need to express yourself fluently.
So you develop communication problems and worries that make
speaking almost impossible.
I saw that traditional methods only help you READ and WRITE.
In fact, they actually STOP you from expressing yourself!

So I did the opposite!

I made a NEW system that teaches you the right vocabulary
the right way so you become a great SPEAKER:
You learn the SPOKEN English natives really use in personal 
and professional conversations...
Using natural methods and
simple steps that improve ALL
of your communication skills...
So you develop the habit of speaking automatically, quickly,
correctly and confidently!
With this new approach, you learn the real English of movies, TV shows, music and native conversations WITHOUT being overwhelmed by too many difficult accents, fast speakers, cultural references and confusing words...

AND you develop ALL of the skills you need to feel confident and speak fluently!
This first-of-its-kind system became known as The Fluency Bridge
because it gets you from your current level of English to fluency.
It's the reason I'm now a successful speaker of Japanese...
And it's The Fast Fluency Secret thousands of my students
all over the world have been using to get fluent in English!
Here's what just a few of my fluent students have said about this
simple, proven formula for fast English speaking success:
Diana, from Lithuania:

"I want to share with you today‘s news! Last month I was participating in an employment selection for one big law company with English-speaking requirements. And I aced it! I could speak very confidently in English and was able to understand and to answer every question I was given. I got it. I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minh, from Vietnam:

"Thanks to your lessons, foreigners who I met via Couchsurfing often compliment me for my English speaking. Recently, a woman from America also said that she was amazed by some phrases that I used during the conversation. I felt like I'm 'in the club' of native speakers."
And Jaroslava, from Czech Republic:
"After two weeks with your lessons, I began speaking. Before joining, my mouth was locked because I was too shy and scared. Now, with my improved speaking skills, I was able to find higher paying clients for my business!
Here's how I can now help YOU speak fluent English confidently...
For OVER 7 YEARS, I’ve released a new lesson set each month in an exclusive fluency-training video program called Master English Conversation.

In each lesson set, you use the lessons of The Fluency Bridge to learn spoken English in comfortable steps so you automatically develop ALL of your communication skills:
Here's a closer look at the 4 VIDEOS of The Fluency Bridge:
Video 1:
Grammar Focus
Master an essential grammar point from the conversation with visual examples so you automatically use the right sentence structures at the right time, without translating.
Video 2:
Phrase Builder
Build a native vocabulary you won't forget with the idioms, slang, proverbs and more from the conversation. Then learn to pronounce them naturally so you sound more native.
Video 3:
Fluency Corner
Learn culture and history so you understand WHY we use the words we do. Then master the communication techniques that let you express yourself confidently in any situation.
Video 4:
Master Class
Enjoy a real conversation that prepares you for movies, TV shows and natives in real life! Improve your listening and fluency with different native English speakers each month.
It's like having me right there with you as you watch
a movie. I answer your questions, prevent mistakes 
and guide you quickly to English speaking success!

You also get 4 AUDIOS for DEEPER LEARNING:
Audio 1:
Time Traveling
Hear a story told at different speeds, in different tenses and by different native speakers to understand difficult accents and learn to use the right tenses without thinking!
Audio 2:
Question Everything
Practice what you learn in the videos with a simulated conversation! Comfortably review everything to track your progress and become an automatic speaker.
Audio 3:
Conversation Builder
Learn how to speak for longer periods of time, and in more complex sentences. Transform short, simple words into more interesting speech that will impress natives!
Audio 4:
Natural Speech
Discover the conversational words and phrases really used in different situations so you think more like a native. You'll learn to speak in English like it's your first language!
And now... You can get a collection of my 6 most powerful,
best-selling lesson sets on common personal and professional topics
all together in one one fast fluency-building package called…
The Fluency Course
Each lesson set teaches you HUNDREDS of useful
conversational words and expressions
, and helps
you develop ALL of your communication skills...

So with each lesson set you complete, you move another step closer to speaking confidence and fluency... Automatically!

Here's what's included in this package:
Lesson Set 1: Milestones
See how natives talk about major life events, like having a baby, raising children and retirement, so you're prepared for these common topics. You learn the REAL words and phrases natives use to describe these important "milestones" in life so you sound much more natural when you speak!
Lesson Set 2: Modern Media
Learn how to discuss more advanced subjects like politics and news events in a conversational, natural way! Social media, marketing tactics, business and even fashion trends are covered in this useful lesson set. If you want to have more interesting conversations, this is the lesson set for you!
Lesson Set 3: In the Kitchen
Master many important phrasal verbs - the most important part of conversational English for you to learn - while seeing us make some cookies! You also learn how to transition from one topic to another, smoothly and confidently so you always have something to talk about in conversations.
Lesson Set 4: Fun with Physics
Watch two real science experiments to learn the native ways of describing actions and technical processes with simple speech! You'll also see how to adjust your speech to explain things in more detail with just a few simple expressions!
Lesson Set 5: Psychology and the Mind
Enjoy a fun and interesting conversation with a professional psychotherapist that reveals how to have much more personal conversations with other people! If you want to share your thoughts and feelings in English more like you do in your native language, this lesson set is essential!
Lesson Set 6: Community and Identity
Learn ways to talk about different different cultures and lifestyles in this great conversation about growing up in a foreign country. If you're living in an English-speaking country, thinking of moving to one, or just want to have better conversations with natives about cultural differences and experiences, you'll love this lesson set!
  •  All together, The Fluency Course gives you INSTANT ACCESS to over 1,200 conversational words, expressions, slang words, proverbs, idioms and phrasal verbs essential for confident personal and professional communication...
  •  You improve your listening and speaking with every lesson so you learn to express yourself like a native!
  •  You get access to the complete program immediately in an online account;
    6 months of lessons delivered in over 19 hours of video and audio training available for streaming online or instant downloading so you can learn whenever and wherever you want, even without Internet...
  •   And the BEST PART is that this program is made for busy learners who want FAST results...
Ismail, from Turkey, told me:

“I am one hundred percent sure your style is the most proper one for me to get fluency. I have only been learning a few days, but already I noticed that the lessons are useful in my conversations, especially for my job.”

Eunice, from South Korea, said:

"Though it's only been about a week since I started learning with you, I can already see the improvements in my English, particularly in my fluency level.”

Calvin, another of my students from Vietnam, said:

“I joined you a few weeks ago, and I have really seen the improvement in my English skills. I now feel more confident to talk with a native speaker than before. I am currently working part time at a cafe as a barista. I can understand clearly what my coworkers and customers say, and I feel very happy with that.”
This Complete Fluency-Training Video Program Features…
Speaking Practice
Every Lesson
Develop your speaking skills, confidence and fluency the same way English-speaking children do!
Priority VIP
Email Support
Get your questions answered
quickly, 24 hours a day, via
email or in our learning platform.
Lessons You Can Download
Or Stream Online
Learn and practice anywhere,
anytime on any device,
even without Internet.
An Online Members
Area And Community
Introduce yourself to other
learners, make new friends and
find speaking practice partners.
Subtitles And Complete, Printable Transcripts
Understand every word and get
full transcripts you can print
and take notes on.
Strategies For Meeting
Native Speakers Anywhere
Learn how to meet native English
speakers online and in person with
unique speaking practice missions!
This program is right for YOU if...
...You're an intermediate learner who already KNOWS a lot of English but still aren't happy with your SPEAKING.

Here's THE TRUTH: If you can understand this page, you're actually MUCH closer to fluency than you might think...

You've already spent years LEARNING the language...

So all you have to do now is see how to put everything you know together quickly and automatically to finally become a confident, fluent SPEAKER...

And you can do this in less than 30 minutes a day!
But don’t just believe me…
Listen to more of my students tell you about how their lives changed… 
Viviana, from Chile:

“Last week, I watched the movie Tangled in English without subtitles. I'd never done that before and to my surprise I understood almost everything!"


"Two weeks ago, I received a foreign visitor at my job, a man from the U.K.. We talked for a while, then he asked if I had lived in another country. When I answered 'no,' he asked, surprised, 'So how come you speak English so well?' I thought the system is definitely working out!"
Carlos, from El Salvador:

“My friends say I’ve improved so much. I can really express what I want to say, and I feel so much more confident. Thank you!“
Bhaskar, from India:
“I can proudly say I’m now on my way to becoming a fluent English speaker. My fear of speaking English vanished.
Gosina, from Germany:
“I spent the whole weekend with native English speakers on a tour in Munich, Germany! I improved so much, and made so many friends I still speak with!”

She was also happy to say:

“Yesterday I spoke with many Americans at an exhibition. Our CEO from our US office told me that my English has improved 100% thanks to you!
How would YOUR life change if you had
complete confidence when speaking English?
Would you be less stressed and more successful if you spoke English more like a native?

Just imagine being understood easily, and expressing yourself automatically, quickly and correctly...  

It really is possible, and if you’d like me to help you finally become a confident, fluent English speaker, here’s my offer: 
The price of each lesson set is $97, for a total VALUE of $582.
And when compared with how many hours of traditional lessons
you’d need to learn EVERYTHING I share in this collection,
this is an incredible value, even at the price of $582.
But because I want even MORE great success stories to share…

I’m going to charge a LOT less for the program
AND give you 4 FREE GIFTS to help you get fluent faster!!
The Insight: The Secret to Total Confidence
A $120 Value (Yours Free)
The core training of The Fluency Course will help you become a confident speaker. But what if you also knew ONE IDEA that made you feel incredibly CONFIDENT and POWERFUL in any conversation, TODAY?
Well, this idea is exactly what I share in The Insight! This best-selling video reveals a way of seeing the world that makes you believe ANYTHING is possible

It’s the secret to INSTANT CONFIDENCE that will help you reach your goals with your English learning AND everything else in your life! 

Here’s what Kwanjung, one of my students from South Korea, said about The Insight

“Whenever I feel like I'm making little or no progress, I remind myself of The insight. That really makes me keep going to practice English. In addition, the lessons you created have been helpful to improve my English. Your passion to help English learners like me is very impressive.” 

The value of The Fluency Course with The Insight is $702.

AND... To help you take your English to the NEXT level, I'm ALSO giving you… 
Advanced Fluency Training
A $114 Value (Yours Free)
Many learners want to reach the native level of language mastery, so I’m also giving you more advanced training to improve your listening, vocabulary and pronunciation!
As you work through these bonus video and audio lessons, your ears become more sensitive to different accents and faster speech. And you become much more able to understand even conversations with multiple speakers.

Together, the value of The Fluency Course, with The Insight and the Advanced Fluency Training is $816.

PLUS, you're also getting a powerful TOOL you won’t find anywhere else that will make your learning and practice sessions even easier…
The Fluency Bridge Toolkit
A $67 Value (Yours Free)
The first piece of our toolkit is our Interactive Video App available right in your online account with all your video lessons!
This special APP, which works on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, lets you...
  •  Control the speed of videos...
  •  Set the amount of time between each speech section in videos, so you have as much time as you need to understand and practice speaking with videos...
  •  Choose the number of times each speech section repeats, so the video automatically jumps back to the beginning of each section without you having to manually find it again and again using the video's slider! (This is PERFECT for learners who want to make listening, speaking and pronunciation practice smooth and easy!)...
  •  Click on any speech section in the Interactive Transcript below the video to jump directly to that section of the lesson, so you can easily find words and navigate lessons the way YOU like!
The Fluency Bridge Toolkit also contains...
  •  “Cheat Sheet” Overviews of every lesson set, so you can easily see what’s covered and find particular topics, vocabulary or grammar points to learn...
  •  A Quick Reference Glossary for every Lesson Set that gives you quick definitions of every word and phrase covered so you can easily review the meanings of everything in the lessons...
In total, the value of The Fluency Course, with The Insight and The Fluency Bridge Toolkit is $883.

But there's one last thing you need that I KNOW you'll love...

To make sure you have a BIG library of vocabulary words, grammar points and topics you're excited to learn with, I’m also giving you… 
Bonus Collection Of 8 Master English Conversation Lesson Sets!
A $632 Value (Yours Free)
The 6 core lesson sets in The Fluency Course give you a LOT to improve with, but I wanted to give you even MORE great learning strategies, practice tips, conversational vocabulary and topics to learn with so you have more options to study and can get fluent even FASTER!

It's like getting TWO programs for the price of ONE!

You can use the lesson sets in any order you wish, so choose the topics that are most interesting and important for YOUR life to become a fluent speaker faster.

The following lesson sets are included FREE:
Bonus Lesson Set 1:
Health and Fitness
Discover the real words and phrases native use to talk about sports, health, exercise, muscle groups, physical activities and general fitness with a real conversation about golf and a full workout!
Bonus Lesson Set 2:
Puzzles and Games
Enjoy a game of Scrabble with two fast American English speakers, and improve your vocabulary with great slang words, casual phrases, idioms and phrasal verbs so you sound more native!
Bonus Lesson Set 3:
Parenting and Leadership
Visit a real family in their home and see how to describe yourself and your family in a more natural way with tons of common words, phrases and expressions all about personal relationships and family life!
Bonus Lesson Set 4:
Smooth Communication
Develop an ear for the differences between British and American English, and master sound blending, slang and idioms useful for both casual and professional situations, to speak smoothly!
Bonus Lesson Set 5:
Moments in Time
Join two American English speakers who can perform different voices to improve your listening, pronunciation and learn to describe yourself and your experiences in more detail!
Bonus Lesson Set 6:
The Magic Man
Enjoy a live magic show in Chicago to see exactly how English is spoken on the streets! You’ll also learn to understand the culture and words of British and American humor, puns and jokes.

Bonus Lesson Set 7:
Logic and Law
Master advanced English words, phrases, expressions of education and the law so you learn to debate, discuss and speak about complicated and professional subjects in English with confidence!
Bonus Lesson Set 8:
Journalism and Society
Meet a journalist from the Washington Post and discover the best way to master phrasal verbs! You'll also learn how to “upgrade” your vocabulary to sound more professional and educated in conversations.
In total, the value of The Fluency Course, with The Insight, The Fluency Bridge Toolkit and this bonus collection of 8 popular lesson sets is $1,515...
And you can see why this is an incredible offer,
even at the cost of $1,515...

But because I want to make your choice to join really simple

You're getting the entire program and
ALL 4 of the Free Gifts right now...

NOT for $1,515 or $997

NOT for $797, $597

Or even $297…  
You Can Get Instant Access To The Fluency Course
And ALL 4 Free Gifts Right Now...
For Just One Payment Of $149 US Dollars!
That's $1,515 worth of Lessons and Free Gifts,
and a total savings of $1,463!

And, of course, you either love it or your money back.

Join today, and if you’re not 100% happy with your progress, email me at info@englishanyone.com within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.

You’re definitely NOT going to get an offer like this from a typical class or school. So if this all sounds fair, get…
The Fluency Course
For just One Payment
Of $149 US Dollars

Get $1,515 worth of Lessons and Bonuses NOW and save a total of $1,463!
  • The Fluency Course ($582 Value!)
  • The Fluency Bridge Toolkit ($67 Value, Yours Free!)
  • 8 Bonus Lesson Sets ($632 Value, Yours Free!)
  • The Insight ($120 Value, Yours Free!)
  • Advanced Fluency Training ($114 Value, Yours Free!)
  • Total Value $1,515! Yours for just 1 payment of $149 USD
  • Receive instant access and keep your lessons FOREVER
  • 30-day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really become a fluent speaker learning for just 30 minutes a day?
Yes! You can spend more time learning – and you will become a confident speaker much faster if you do – but even only 15 minutes of focused practice each day with the right system is more powerful than spending an hour with traditional programs that don’t teach spoken English or improve your speaking.
How do videos and audios help me improve my SPEAKING?
It's true that traditional English lesson videos that just give you more rules or unnatural dialogues to memorize DON'T help you speak. But have you ever seen English TV shows for native children? Kids watch these shows and start correctly repeating words and phrases because they first understand what they hear. When you understand English without needing translations, you gain the confidence to use the SPOKEN language yourself, and you automatically start speaking!

In the same way, lessons of The Fluency Bridge teach you the REAL vocabulary natives use in an understandable, fun way. So you learn easily and naturally want to copy what you hear. You start speaking along with the videos and improve even if you’re learning by yourself! Then, if you like, you can also use the speaking missions in each lesson set to meet native speakers online and in the real world to practice speaking with. It’s all step-by-step and easy!
How will I know if I'm improving if I learn by myself?
Great question! The Fluency Course is different from most courses because it develops the HABITS you need to communicate fluently, rather than just making you memorize more words. So to assess your improvement, you just compare your understanding and skills before and after using each lesson set...

For example, instead of going through the lessons in order, you could watch the conversation first, then go through the lessons and watch the conversation again to see how much more you understand. When you notice a lot more of the vocabulary in the video conversation, and can understand the accents better, you'll know you've improved your listening.

Similarly, to know how well your pronunciation is improving, you simply speak along with the lessons and note how different your speech sounds from the speakers in the lessons. It's just like listening to a song on the radio. You can easily hear the difference between one note and another, so you know you're singing the right note when your sound blends smoothly with the singer's on the radio. When you say a word at the same time as a native in the program, you'll know if you're saying it correctly or not. Once the two sounds blend, you sound like a native!

As you work through the steps of The Fluency Bridge, you'll begin notice that you understand more natives in real life, and that you're also sounding and speaking more naturally!
The lessons feature English from what country?
The lessons teach mostly conversational American English, but because native speakers from different countries live in the US, you'll also learn with British English, Australian, Canadian and more in the lessons!
Can I see a sample of the lessons?
Can teachers use the lessons?
Certainly! Many teachers use our lessons. You're welcome to follow the program as a teacher if you help intermediate learners learn to speak fluently. You can practice with learners in your classes and then assign course lessons for homework.
How do I get my lessons?
You get INSTANT ACCESS to all programs in an online account containing your digital mp4 videos, mp3 audios and pdf transcripts. Nothing is physically sent in the mail, so you can start learning instantly! Learn online or download, and keep access FOREVER!
Will the lessons work on my computer/phone/tablet?
Yes! You can use your lessons instantly on any device, and once you download them, you don’t even need Internet.
What's your refund policy?
All programs are guaranteed 100% for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied with your progress, simply send us a mail at info@englishanyone.com within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund.
The price of the course is in what currency?
All courses on EnglishAnyone.com are in United States dollars. Payments can be made in almost any currency, and currency conversion happens automatically at checkout.

If you don’t have a credit card or PayPal account, just ask someone you know who does to purchase the program for you, and then pay them back in cash. Many of our students do this.
If you have other questions or need help, mail me at info@englishanyone.com! :)
I’m so excited to help you become a confident English speaker, and I’ll see you on the inside!
Drew Badger
Your English Fluency Guide
and Founder of EnglishAnyone.com

PS: If you have any questions, please click here to mail me! :)

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