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Dear Learner,

Can you read, write and understand English quite well, but panic when you have to speak?

Do you have trouble finding the right words to express yourself in conversations, and worry about speaking in slow, broken and incorrect English?

English has overwhelmingly become the language of international politics, the Internet, and a global marketplace that’s becoming more competitive by the day

And fluency is now required for those wanting to enjoy the “fast lane” to success in their personal and professional lives…

But the journey to fluency can be lonely, confusing and frustrating, especially when it feels like you’re drifting helplessly from method to method, unable to know if you’re headed in the right direction.

Fortunately, the world’s best English learners have left an exact map to speaking success that anyone can follow, regardless of where you live or how old you are

An incredibly simple map I discovered during my own struggle to get fluent that reveals how to finally become a confident speaker more quickly and easily than 99% of English teachers and students think is possible…

"I thought I would never get fluent..."
My name is Drew Badger, and I couldn't speak a single word when I first moved to Japan in 2003. 

I wanted to explore and meet new people, but when I finally arrived and couldn’t communicate, I felt so sad and alone.

I had very little confidence in myself because I failed to learn French in high school AND Spanish in college. I felt I was just bad at learning languages

I tried going to Japanese lessons, but quit after my fourth day. 
Drew Badger, The World's
#1 English Fluency Guide
I thought the classes were boring, I didn’t understand the teacher, and I felt too embarrassed to speak.

I also studied at home with textbooks, listening practice exercises, grammar drills and flashcards…

But none of these things helped me speak.

I was terrified of opening my mouth in front of anyone, especially other learners who were much more confident speakers. In groups, I felt like a scared student trying to hide in class, hoping the teacher wouldn’t call on me.

The few words I did know always seemed to escape my mind in conversations. And I often took much time organizing sentences in my head before saying them out loud in painfully slow, grammatically incorrect pieces.

I regularly misunderstood the fast speech, unclear accents and casual vocabulary of native speakers. I often pretended to laugh at jokes I couldn’t understand, and was usually asked to repeat myself because my pronunciation was so awful.

I felt angry, stupid and ashamed, nearly ready to quit because I thought I would never get fluent…
The #1 Reason Why I Struggled To Get Fluent
During the peak of my language learning frustration, I stopped to watch some children playing with their parents while on a walk through a park near my home, and finally realized that my language learning problem wasn’t me.

The discovery I made that day started me on a path that would change my life forever. And within a few months, I became a confident speaker.

Here's the discovery that changed everything: I couldn’t understand or speak fluently like a native speaker because I wasn’t learning like one

Let me explain:
Direct Language Learning
  • The children spoke automatically because they were learning everything in their native language. 
Contextual, Natural Fluency Training
  • The children were immersed in the language, learning everything as one complete system.
Focus On Conversational Speech
  • The children were learning the everyday, spoken language, and how to communicate naturally.
Learning With Real, Native Examples
  • The children developed listening skills and great pronunciation by learning from native speakers.
Learning Through Translation
  • I’d hesitate and think before speaking because I was learning everything
    through English.
Memorization of Language Units
  • I was unable to make sentences automatically because I was learning word lists and grammar rules.
Focus On Formal Reading and Writing
  • I couldn’t speak conversationally or naturally because I was only learning the formal language of textbooks.
Learning With Artificial Lessons
  • Slow lessons didn’t help me understand fast native speakers, or develop smooth, natural pronunciation.
Traditional learning methods can only take you so far. They can help you learn to read and write, but they are INCOMPLETE because the way they teach you is too slow and unnatural to prepare you for real CONVERSATIONS.  

But worse than failing to provide learners with all of the knowledge and skills needed to have fluent CONVERSATIONS, from the very first lesson, these methods train students to develop destructive habits that actually STOP them from developing fluency…

You see, native speakers learn the complete language naturally, so they develop ALL of the habits required to communicate fluently – in both formal and conversational language – confidently, correctly and automatically.

They learn formal reading and writing at school though traditional methods, but they learn how to have natural conversations – the other, essential half of their language education – at home and on the playground.

So, if you can read and write but struggle to speak, you are at the point now where traditional methods can no longer help you. And they will harm your progress if you don’t gain the complete education that prepares you to speak.

When I realized that the methods I had been using for years to learn languages were actually hurting me, I felt betrayed…

But at the same time, I became hopeful and excited because I had finally discovered the secret to the success of the world’s best language learners!

Because no one is born a fluent speaker, the real advantage of having fluent parents is access to a language learning system that makes people fluent automatically

And if I could adopt the same system native speakers use to get fluent, I reasoned, I would gain their power to communicate smoothly, respond instantly, and create colorful stories without hesitation or fear!

On that day in the park, I received the first real lesson about language learning you’re not taught in school:

If you want speaking success, you must model the best!

BUT, I immediately worried…

Native speakers spend years becoming fluent. How could I possibly learn to speak like they do, AND reach fluency FAST?

The answers to both questions, I soon discovered, were found in a very large piece of the conversational fluency puzzle I still needed to collect…
How To Cross “The Fluency Gap”
Understanding the importance of learning and practicing like native speakers, I immediately “immersed” myself in the native world of movies, TV shows, music and conversations.

But this instant “immersion” was like diving into a wide, deep ocean without knowing how to swim…

My “right-strategy-but-wrong-tactic” approach was causing me to drown in information overload.

Music, movies and TV shows gave me too much information all at the same time, and at too fast a pace. Even when I could understand the words, I missed all of the jokes and cultural references.

I had even less luck trying to “keep up” in conversations. I felt like I was the only runner in a race with his shoes tied together.

Maybe you’ve experienced something similar, and you’re hitting the same learning “wall” I did?

What I didn’t recognize at the time was that because of how I had learned, it was impossible for me to move into the world of native speakers without help.

Native speakers move directly to fluency, gradually building up their language skills and knowledge over time.

But I was like a ship sent wildly off course by the violent storm of my incomplete language education, lost and far removed from fluency.

This large distance between where I was and where I wanted to be is what I now call The Fluency Gap, and trying to cross it in a single step is one of the most dangerous mistakes you can make because you’re so close to fluency…

And how do I know you’re so close to your goal?

Because you’re reading and understanding these words, and because I remember what it was like to be where you are…

Right now, each failure to understand – or mistake you make in a conversation – leads to more feelings of doubt, confusion, worry and frustration that can ultimately kill the motivation you must have to become a successful speaker.

Fail too many times and you’ll quit, believing you’re one of those people who can’t master a second language.

But... If you can take one final step – and I know you can if you’ve come this far – my second language learning insight will give you the key to success you’ve been searching for:

After much frustration with the world of native speakers, I realized that it’s impossible to jump directly from your current level of English to fluency…

But if you have a series of smaller, simpler steps standing between where you are and where you want to be, you can cross The Fluency Gap easily, and with lightning speed!

So, after a brave yet foolish effort to “bite off more than I could chew” in the world of native speakers, I decided to break the conversational language down into tiny pieces I could actually swallow, and eat them one at a time

I created a two-step process for mastering grammar so I could train myself to use it automatically.

I focused on learning the most common CONVERSATIONAL phrases and expressions, and practiced them with as many people as I could until I could say them smoothly, confidently and without hesitation.

I studied aspects of culture that helped me understand the meanings behind the language, so I could use clever references without thinking, just like native speakers.

And I created special practice missions to build speaking confidence, develop fluency and make friends with native speakers anywhere in the world.

Each of these essential steps came to be known together as The Fluency Bridge Learning System, the simple yet powerful strategy for learning native content in the right way so you can develop the habits of a native speaker and get fluent FAST.

When I saw how this unique approach helped me finally transform from a shy, clumsy learner into a confident, fluent speaker, I made it my mission to help learners around the world get back on course to become successful speakers…

Learners like you.

Here I am with my daughter, Aria. And yes, my wife is Japanese. :-)

For me, fluency means "life." And without it, I would
have never met my wife, or had this beautiful baby girl.

Whatever fluency means to you - whether it's freedom, friends or career advancement - I'll help you get fluent using the same natural techniques Aria enjoys so you can reach your goals FAST!
How You Can Become A Fluent English
Speaker In Just 12 Minutes A Day
Imagine if you could change the way you learn to see instant improvement in your fluency and speaking confidence todayHow would your life be different?

"Before joining, I was too shy and scared. Now, with my improved speaking sills, I was able to find higher paying clients for my business!”

- Jaroslava S, Czech Republic          

Millions of my students all over the world are proving that you can quickly and easily become a successful English speaker – even if you don’t live in an English-speaking country, or think you’re too old to learn. You just need to learn like natives in simple, easy steps.
And now, it’s your turn!

Atsuko S – from Japan says...

Now I’m trying to find more chances to speak English. I can’t wait to see how surprised people look when I say the native expressions I’ve learned!”
Today, using the exact same Fluency Bridge Learning System that took me years to develop and perfect, you can begin gaining the knowledge and developing the habits that can help you become a fluent speaker automatically with our bestselling fluency-training video program, The Fluency Course.

The Fluency Course is the first and only video program specifically designed to help English learners like you – who can already read and write English – but need help to cross the Fluency Gap in simple, comfortable steps so you can become a successful English speaker. 

The Fluency Course gives you the “map” of the Fluency Bridge Learning System so you know exactly how to reach fluency, AND the “compass” that protects you from the traps and mistakes that cause most learners frustration, keeps you motivated to learn each day, and answers your questions before you have them. 

Bhaskar B – from India says...

“I can proudly say I’m now on my way to becoming a fluent English speaker. This course made me a confident speaker and my fear of speaking English vanished.
Each lesson set in The Fluency Course does the hard work for you so you enjoy getting fluent quickly and easily…

And you’ll know for sure that the program will deliver the results you want when you take “The Fluency Course Challenge”:

When you first receive the program, instead of working through each lesson set’s videos and audios in order, begin by listening to the real, unscripted conversation in the Master Class video lesson, noting how much you understand. 

Then, work through the lesson set’s audio and video lessons in order, and watch the same conversation. You’ll be AMAZED by how much more you understand, and how much more confident you feel as a result.

This simple “self-testing system” is unique to our programs. It gives you the confidence to know that your lessons will help you improve, and keeps you motivated to practice!

"Thanks to your program, I got new job from June of this year in a big US company where I’m in touch daily with English!

- Mario K, Slovakia         

The Fluency Course comes with 6 complete lesson sets – that’s 6 months of specialized fluency training for intermediate and advanced learners who can read this letter, but can’t speak fluently – each featuring different native English speakers from around the world, and different topics that will transform you into a powerful speaker

No more feeling stuck because you have to translate something – or think about grammar rules – before you speak. 

No more worrying about whether using the right expression for the situation. 

No more feeling nervous or shy in conversations! 

Gosina G – from Germany says...

“Yesterday I spoke to many Americans at an exhibition. Our CEO from our US office told me that my English has improved 100% thanks to you!
Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn in this valuable collection of lessons:

In the “Puzzles and Games” lesson set, you’ll learn my “Think and Shrink” technique for mastering longer expressions the native way, so you can use them more easily and confidently in your conversations.  

In the “Moments in Time” lesson set, you’ll learn how to describe yourself and your experiences fluently, continuously and in detail, and learn to use more technical vocabulary, so you can express yourself in more complex English. 

In the “Health and Fitness” lesson set, you’ll learn how to discuss – and participate in – common sports and active hobbies in English with confidence, so you can develop your fluency through activities like native speakers. 

In the “Smooth Communication” lesson set, you’ll learn my exact, simple formula for meeting an unlimited number of native speakers excited to practice speaking with you for free, so you can make lots of friends no matter where you live in the world. 

...And much, much more… 

"I received a big help from your program to lift up my confidence to be able to speak English as natives do. My TOEFL score rose from 78 (in Nov 15) to 87 (in Jan 16). This boosted the strength of my application to a master’s program, and I was accepted with a scholarship!”

- Santi C, Indonesia         

The Fluency Course gives you instant access to over 1200 conversational English idioms, slang words, essential phrases and useful expressions, advanced fluency training strategies and speaking practice missions, and hours of downloadable video and audio lessons you can access instantly on your computer, iPad, tablet PC, MP3 player, or smart phone so you can develop the habits of a native speaker anytime, anywhere, even without Internet.

The program is incredibly easy to use in just 12 minutes a day, and doesn’t require you to change your current schedule or daily routine. There are no classes to attend, and you can learn on your time, when taking a shower, exercising, driving, working or doing anything else

And, of course, the program is 100% guaranteed! 

If in the first 60 days of using the lessons, your family, friends and co-workers aren’t SHOCKED by how much more fluently and confidently you speak English, simply send us a mail at and we’ll refund every single penny! 

“I want to share with you today‘s news! Last month I was participating in an employment selection for one big law company with English-speaking requirements. And I aced it! I could speak very confidently in English and was able to understand and to answer every question i was given. I got it. I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Diana D, Lithuania         

The Fluency Course Video Program Features
Real English From
Around the World
  • Develop global fluency with native English speakers from different countries.
Priority Email
  • Get answers to your questions quickly so you can keep learning and get fluent faster.
100% Downloadable 
  • Learn anywhere, anytime on any device, even without Internet, with digital lessons.
An Online
Members' Area
  • Make new friends and find speaking practice partners so you can review what you learn.
Transcripts and Subtitles 
  • Enjoy videos with subtitles, and get printable transcripts of every lesson.
A 60-day Money-back
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Zsuzsanna V from Hungary says...

"After using a native expression, my son said to me, ‘Mom, your English is getting better. Seriously it makes me feel better.’ I saw on his face. It was surprise for him."
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get fluent in just 12 minutes a day?
Yes! You can spend more time learning – and you will get fluent faster if you do – but even only 12 minutes of focused practice each day with the right lessons is more powerful than spending an hour with traditional programs that won’t help you improve your speaking.
How does the Fluency Course help me improve my speaking?
The program helps you improve your speaking with a unique two-step process. First, you train comfortably with the lessons to master the content. Then you apply what you learn with special speaking missions in the real world to make friends, develop fluency and build speaking confidence.
How do I get my lessons?
Join The Fluency Course and you receive instant access to an online account containing your digital mp4 videos, mp3 audios and pdf transcripts. Nothing is physically sent in the mail, and you can start learning instantly!
Will the lessons work on my computer/phone/tablet?
Yes! There is no complicated software to install, and the lessons work on ANY modern computer. You can use your lessons instantly on any device, and once you’ve downloaded them, you don’t need Internet.
Is the program guaranteed?
Absolutely! If you’re not satisfied with your progress, simply send us a mail within 60 days and we’ll give you a full refund.
Is it just one payment?
Yes! You just make one payment today and then get instant access to all of your lessons. There are no monthly fees or any hidden payments.
The price of the course is in what currency?
All products on are in United States dollars. Payments can be made in almost any currency, and currency conversion happens automatically at checkout.
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I’m so excited to help you become a great English speaker, and I’ll see you on the inside!
Drew Badger
Your English Fluency Guide
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“I like your lessons because they are very easy to understand. You teach real English. There are not many teachers with the knowledge you have to understand our needs, to teach in a good way, and to be so competent doing it."

- Carlos Alberto, Argentina  © 2016 - Become a Fluent English Speaker Fast - Terms & Conditions