"The Surprisingly Simple Way To Become
A More Confident English Speaker TODAY… 
...WITHOUT Learning Any New Words Or Grammar!" 
Drew Badger
Nagasaki, Japan
Dear Friend,

It might sound unbelievable...

But you're actually MUCH closer to fluency than you think.

How do I know that?

Because you understand the words you're reading here on this page! 
You just don't communicate as confidently and fluently as you'd like yet.

But it's NOT your fault!

The problem is traditional English lessons taught you a lot of words and grammar, but DIDN’T develop ALL of your communication skills.

This is why you KNOW a lot of English, but might...
  • Worry about grammar or vocabulary mistakes...
  • ​Forget your words when you speak...
  • ​Need to repeat yourself because others don't understand you…
Whatever your missing skills are...

If you used a few simple communication and practice "tricks" - instead of just learning MORE words and grammar - you could become a much more confident, fluent English speaker 2, 3 or even 10 times faster!

And that's why I'd like to share with you a special collection of programs that can boost your overall confidence and fluency IN DAYS called...
The Fluency Welcome Package
Here's what's included in the Fluency Welcome Package:
Native Pronunciation &
Communication Secrets
"Build Unshakable Speaking Confidence By 'Stealing' Native Communication Techniques!"
  • Discover the native communication and pronunciation "inside secrets" that you won't learn in school. These simple techniques can dramatically improve the way you sound and speak so you feel much more confident about expressing yourself, almost instantly!
  • Transform yourself into a confident speaker WITHOUT studying any new words or grammar!
  • Get 6 step-by-step videos, bonus MP3 audio versions, full PDF transcripts AND Member's Area access to ask questions and meet other learners to practice speaking with!
What “native communication secrets” will you discover in Speak Like Me

Well, did you know you can reduce your accent and sound much more like a native speaker by learning ONE SIMPLE RULE for pronunciation?

Or have you heard there's a secret to speaking continuously so you stop getting “stuck” in conversations?

These are two of the many powerful ways to improve your speech included in the program...

And even if only ONE strategy improved your confidence and conversations, how would that change your LIFE?

You can see why this popular program has a...
$97 Value
But you're ALSO getting access to...
"Become A Fluent English Speaker 2, 3
Or Even 10 Times Faster, The Easy Way!"
  • ​While most lessons and courses only give you more vocabulary lists and grammar rules to memorize, these 7 guides will actually unlock your ability to SPEAK fluently by revealing how to improve ALL of your MISSING communication skills! You're getting these 7 guides...
  • ​Guide 1 - Speak English Fluently: How to express yourself and respond automatically, spontaneously and without hesitation in 3 simple steps so you can have long, enjoyable conversations
  • ​​Guide 2 - Practice Speaking with Natives: How to meet native English speakers who are excited to speaking with you so you can practice your spoken English (no matter where you live in the world)
  • ​Guide 3 - ​Speak English Naturally: How to learn the 3 most important kinds of spoken English so you can sound more like a native speaker
  • ​​Guide 4 - Speak English Confidently: How to build the confidence to ignore mistakes, start conversations and speak English successfully
  • ​​Guide 5 - Use Correct Grammar Automatically: How to master grammar the native way so you speak correctly, without thinking or translating
  • ​​Guide 6 - Understand Native English Speakers: How to understand the fast speech, accents and casual vocabulary of spoken English in conversations, TV shows, music and movies
  • ​​Guide 7 - Sound Like A Native Speaker: How to reduce your accent, improve your pronunciation and sound like a native English speaker, the easy way
  • PLUS, you get the bonus MP3 audio versions to learn with any time, anywhere!
This collection of PDF guides and MP3 audios has a… 
$97 Value
AND, to take your speaking to the next level, you're also getting my...
Volume 1
"Learn 720+ REAL Words & Phrases That Will
Impress Natives And Help You Speak Naturally!"
  • ​Learn the REAL vocabulary natives use in casual and professional situations for 12 casual and professional topics - and see how to pronounce them like a native - with a collection of my most popular Advanced English Listening Practice video lessons (These are my most popular lessons on YouTube, but only premium members get access to the full collection!)... 
  • ​Build a HUGE vocabulary quickly - and instantly remember what you learn - with visual examples and simple stories, the same way native English-speaking children learn...
  • ​Get 24 videos that teach you the same way natives learn (12 Phrase Builder Videos AND 12 Fluency Corner videos), plus bonus MP3 audio versions and full transcripts!
This collection of 24 videos with MP3 audio versions and full transcripts has a...
$197 Value
But here’s the BEST NEWS

Everything is available INSTANTLY, and to use FOREVER, with our NEW mobile app for Apple iOS and Android devices - including our exclusive Interactive Video Player!
  • ​Use on ANY device - computer, tablet, smartphone, Apple iOS, Google Android - even without Internet...
  • ​Stream or download...
  • ​Control the speed of videos so you understand every word...
  • ​Set the time between speech sections in videos to pause and practice speaking at your pace...
  • ​Set the number of times each speech section repeats so you hear everything and can review easily...
  • Click anywhere on the Interactive Transcript to jump right to that section of the video!
I made all of this for you because I want you to get fluent quickly and comfortably...

And because you CAN'T learn like this on YouTube, or with other courses

In fact, over 16,735 learners have joined my programs because they were frustrated by so many confusing courses and videos on sites like YouTube. They just wanted a simple, complete SYSTEM to improve their fluency.

Here’s what two of my students have said about the content in this package:
“Hi, Drew, you are the best! You are improving my English a lot, easy, fast and painless!!! Thank you a lot!!!”

Virgilio, from Brazil 
“I can say that your Guides are really making me think in a new way. In particular, your Guides encourage me to start conversations with native English speakers. I started practicing with native speakers just 2 weeks ago, but I already experienced my first successes. And I’m really impressed by and grateful for your Guides helping me sound more natural.”

Alexander, from Germany 
All together, you’re getting Speak Like Me, my 7 Guide collection with the bonus mp3 audios, my Phrase Builder Volume 1 video collection, Premium Community access, the iOS/Android mobile app AND our exclusive Interactive Video Player!
That's A Total Value Of $391...
All For Just $97!
There are no monthly payments. You just pay $97 one time and get INSTANT, FOREVER ACCESS to it all!

Incredible, right? 

This “New Student” discount is over 75% off, and a savings of $294, for a package you won’t find in any classroom or other online program. 

And, of course, everything is 100% guaranteed for 30 days, or your money back
But, this offer is only for learners who are excited to improve NOW, so this incredibly low price is available for a VERY limited time only

Once time runs out, this offer will disappear!

So to get instant access to this collection of 7 guides, 30 videos, the bonus mp3 audios, the full transcripts, my best learning tips and tricks, the 720+ native words and phrases, the iOS and Android mobile app for easy practice and the Interactive Video Player all for one payment of only $97...

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