"The Surprisingly Simple Way To Become
Confident About Speaking English TODAY
...Even If You're Too Shy Or Nervous To Open Your Mouth!"
Drew Badger
Nagasaki, Japan
Dear Friend,
It might sound unbelievable... 

But you're actually MUCH closer to fluency than you think.

How do I know that?

Because you understand the words you're reading here on this page! 
The Truth is you DO know a lot of English vocabulary and grammar...

But the FEARS you have about SPEAKING English stop you from expressing yourself.

If I'm right, I want you to know that you're not alone...

I've heard from thousands of learners who experience pain and frustration instead of joy and confidence because they worry about their English:
"I am a new wife whose husband is American. When I just came here I felt stressed and scared because I understood nothing! I even dare not to go to supermarket by myself because I don't understand what the cashiers say and can't answer them."
"I'm afraid of speaking in front of others because of my grammar and pronunciation.
When somebody talking to me in English, I don't know what to say. I'm embarrassed to
speak. I have a lot in my mind but I don't know how to express it."
"My problem is that I'm shy and sometimes scared to speak because I don't want anyone to laugh at my pronunciation. When I am in class I can't even speak correctly and I avoid to answer the teachers questions or even have conversations with other students."
"My biggest challenge is to get confident while I speak. I understand a lot and also read, but I struggle to speak. So I get frustrated when I am not able to transmit the ideas that I have because I need to do it in English and sometimes I can't."
Now, you might be nervous about speaking because you might make a mistake...

Maybe you're scared you'll forget your words in conversations...

Or you think others won't understand your pronunciation.

But whatever your fears are...

IF you could finally DESTROY THEM, wouldn't you become much more EXCITED to speak English?

Of course you would!

And then you'd finally get that job or promotion... Have better relationships with the people in your personal and professional life... Travel more easily... Or just feel more free to express yourself...

Like THOUSANDS of my students from around the world!
Atsuko, from Japan, who explained:

"My biggest concern was that I was not sure if I was speaking English naturally – like native English speakers do. I always wondered “But how I can learn that kind of “real” English?” Then I happened to find Drew’s programs. Now I’m trying to find more chances to speak English with people. I can’t wait to see how surprised they look if I say some “native-sounding” expressions that I learned from his lessons!“ 
Bhaskar, from India, who had this to say:
“I can proudly say I’m now on my way to becoming a fluent English speaker. My fear of speaking English vanished.”
People like Ana Maria, from Spain, who said:
"You're explanations have been really useful for me and my growing confidence about English.
And Minh, from Vietnam, who shared this:

"Thanks to your lessons, foreigners who I met via Couchsurfing often complement me for my English speaking. Recently, a woman from America also said that she was amazed by some phrases that I used during the conversation. I feel like I'm 'in the club' of native speakers."
How Can You Erase Your Fears So You Feel More
Relaxed And  Confident Every Time You Speak English?
Well, did you know you can reduce your accent and sound much more like a native speaker just by understanding one simple rule for pronunciation?

Or have you heard there's a secret to speaking continuously so you ALWAYS have something to say in conversations?

These are just two of the powerful ways to automatically improve your speech so you FEEL much more confident about speaking English, almost instantly!

And you can now learn ALL of them in less than TWO HOURS to become incredibly confident about speaking English TODAY!

So if you want to EXPRESS YOURSELF...

Let me show you how easy it is to become a confident English speaker with a new VIDEO training I've created just for learners like you called...
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Speaker In YOU In Less Than 2 Hours
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Here’s just some of what’s waiting for you in 2 hours of video training you can stream instantly online or download for use without Internet:
  •  Discover the secret to speaking smoothly and reducing your accent, almost instantly!
  •  Learn how to make the right words and grammar flow automatically from your mouth when you need them in conversations!
  •  See how to "act native" so even if you don't say a word, so people believe you were born in an English-speaking country!
  •  Learn how to "think on your feet" so you always have something to say – no matter the topic – and can keep conversations interesting!
  •  Become a more fluent speaker WITHOUT learning ANY new vocabulary or grammar!
  •  And understand how to put all of these communication tactics together so you speak more like a native and RELEASE the confident English speaker in YOU!
This new video program is simple, practical and filled with easy examples you can use to improve your voice and speech immediately... So you release the confident speaker in YOU!

And even if ONLY ONE of these strategies helps you speak more like a native...

Imagine how that would improve your conversations and your life!

If this all sounds great, and you're ready to become a more CONFIDENT English speaker...
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