Introducing: Frederick
Teach Yourself To Read,
Spell And Pronounce
English INSTANTLY, With
The Spin Of A Wheel!”
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With the release of Frederick, non-native English learners – and native English speakers learning to read – will finally have the ultimate reading, spelling and pronunciation app!

Even learners who know NO English can use Frederick to discover the rules of reading and spelling naturally, and develop the pronunciation of a native American English speaker, without the help of any teacher, or explanation in another language.
There are NO instructions or “system” to learn before using Frederick! Simply give the app to ANYONE, ANYWHERE and watch as they teach themselves to read, spell and pronounce American English, FAST.
Simple images and animations make understanding automatic! Even non-native, beginning English learners can use Frederick. Click on images to hear words spoken with smooth, native pronunciation.
Frederick Level 3
You teach yourself through exploration and feedback!  Simply tap wheels to hear letter sounds, and scroll to make different letter combinations, to DISCOVER how to read, spell and pronounce words correctly, WITHOUT studying any rules!
Frederick teaches over 2,000 letters, sounds,
words and sentences, so ANYONE can go from
“A” to “apocalypse,” step-by-step, all in one app
As you learn, test your reading, spelling, listening and comprehension with fun games. Win to PROVE you’ve mastered the lesson, and unlock the next level! 
Frederick Highlights
  • Anyone can use it – Go from “A” to “apocalypse” in simple, easy steps… no teacher, explanation or translation required
  • Automatic learning – Get instant feedback to become a confident reader as quickly as possible
  • Learn through play – Develop a LOVE of reading with intuitively structured levels and fun games
  • Simple, clean design – Learn without distracting, slow and unnecessary animations or loading screens
  • Guaranteed progress – Learn one new sound or rule in each of the 35 levels, and make progress you can be proud of
  • A complete approach – Master over 2,000 words – including sight words – AND test your comprehension with sentences
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