Frederick: Learn To Read
Best Reading App Of 2022:
"The New Way Anyone Can Teach
Themselves To Read, Spell and
Pronounce English... Instantly!"
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Learn To Read
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Best Reading App Of 2022:
The New Way Anyone Can Teach
Themselves To Read, Spell and
Pronounce English... Instantly!
"The most important thing I've found over 20 years of language and literacy instruction is that we all learn and remember best what we discover for ourselves. So we built Frederick to replace teacher-centered literacy programs with a self-directed system that delivers rapid, guaranteed progress in reading, spelling and pronunciation... Even for learners with zero English language experience."
Drew Badger
Creator of Frederick: Learn To Read
Founder of
Five reasons you'll love Frederick
1. Exploration And Play, Not Memorization
Frederick works like a puzzle, letting users understand the rules of reading, spelling and pronunciation without needing a parent or teacher, following any instructions, or studying any rules.

Simple images and animations make understanding automatic.
Frederick Level 3
Tap letters to hear their sounds. Scroll wheels to make different words. You can't make reading, spelling and pronunciation easier than this!
2. No Junk
Say goodbye to waiting for tutors, confusing interfaces, goofy gimmicks, boring exercises, instruction prompts and translations. Frederick keeps only what learners need to have fun, and become confident readers and spellers as fast as they like.
3. Instant Feedback, Guaranteed Improvement
Learners can follow the whole program in easy steps - or focus on particular sounds and words - then test themselves to prove they understand lessons. Games and video game mechanics also ensure learners can't force their way through the app. So when you beat levels, you KNOW you've improved.
4. The Complete Package
From "A" to "apocalypse," master over 2,000 words and sentences all in one app! Frederick's 35 levels cover various spellings of the 44 sounds of English, as well as the most common words that BREAK pronunciation and spelling rules. Develop listening comprehension, build a large vocabulary, learn grammar intuitively, and gain confidence in all communication skills.
5. Made For Everyone
Frederick can complement traditional instruction in schools, serve as a complete reading curriculum and learning method for homeschoolers, provide scalable adult literacy instruction, teach adult English language learners pronunciation and spelling, and help immigrant speakers of ANY language learn English easily. Even learners with reading disorders like dyslexia can improve with Frederick.
What Parents Are Saying About Frederick
"Exceptional. And this is what my two kids said about it in their own words. My 6-year-old boy says, '... that I can play English, and that I like Frederick and I can play it whenever I can...' My 10-year-old girl says, 'I can learn English the easier and better way and that I like a lot. It's great that they've come up with something like this.' Highly recommended!"

- Dávid
"Love it. My son always refuses to use the apps I downloaded, but with this app, he claimed 'I wanna play, I wanna play!' It was love at first sight ;-)"

- Jacqueline
"Frederick is a game-changer! I use this app with the two kids (7 and 5) that I teach on the weekend. They absolutely LOVE it and started noticing patterns within a just few minutes. Truly a wonderful app."

- Kei
"I bought this App a couple of days ago and I and my kids just love it. It's a super great way to learn how to read in English. The games are also really engaging. So it doesn't seem like learning for my boys. I wish there was a similar App for the German language! Really good work. :-)"

- Olga
"While I was trying to figure out how to play, my 7 yr old ripped the phone from my hands and played it! She is dyslexic and struggles to sound out words, which leaves her frustrated and makes reading unenjoyable for all parties involved. So far, we were incredibly impressed with this app and really feel that it will be an invaluable tool for your toolbox if you are buying for an emerging reader or a kiddo with dyslexia!"

- Christen
"Wow this app is amazing the best app i have seen so far for learning. It is very good for kids. My kids are already using it and enjoying. I will refer this app to my friends and family. Thanks again!!!!!"

- Erezi
See improvement with Frederick today!
Frederick is now available on iOS and Android.

The first three levels are FREE, so give the app a try and let Frederick prove itself.

If you love it as much as we do, upgrade to get all 35 levels and 2,000+ words and sentences with a special discount available during the first 30 minutes after installation.

For about $20, you can get what normally costs hundreds of dollars or more (and takes YEARS of typical reading instruction).

And since we're always working on new features, please send any feedback to [email protected].

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