Introducing Frederick: Learn to Read...
The new way CHILDREN can teach themselves to read and spell - and ADULT English learners can improve their listening and pronunciation - instantly!
Video For Parents:
Video For Adult English Learners:
Frederick is a new kind of language-learning system that teaches through discovery and exploration. But this MANUAL will give you some direction:
With the release of Frederick: Learn to Read, children aged two and up and non-native English learners finally have the ultimate reading, spelling and pronunciation app! (Available for iOS and Android devices!)

Even learners who know NO English can use Frederick to discover the rules of reading and spelling naturally, and develop the pronunciation of a native American English speaker, WITHOUT the help of any teacher or translation.
There are NO instructions or “system” to learn before using Frederick! Simply give the app to ANYONE, ANYWHERE and watch as they teach themselves to read, spell and pronounce American English, FAST.
Simple images and animations make understanding automatic! Even non-native, beginning English learners can use Frederick. Click on images to hear words spoken with smooth, native pronunciation.
Frederick Level 3
You teach yourself through exploration and feedback!  Simply tap wheels to hear letter sounds, and scroll to make different letter combinations, to DISCOVER how to read, spell and pronounce words correctly, WITHOUT studying any rules!
Frederick teaches over 2,000 letters, sounds,
words and sentences, so ANYONE can go from
“A” to “apocalypse,” step-by-step, all in one app
Players learn through exploration and feedback to test their reading, spelling, listening and comprehension. Then PROVE they’ve mastered each lesson by playing fun games to unlock the next level!

(All levels can be unlocked in "teacher mode," available on the title screen, so each learner can advance from the level that's right for them.)
Frederick Highlights
  • Anyone can use it – Go from “A” to “apocalypse” in simple, easy steps… no teacher, explanation or translation required
  • Automatic learning – Get instant feedback to become a confident reader, speller and speaker as quickly as possible
  • Learn through play – Develop a LOVE of reading with intuitively structured levels and fun games
  • Simple, clean design – Learn without distracting, slow and unnecessary animations or loading screens
  • Guaranteed progress – Learn one new sound or rule in each of the 35 levels, and make progress you can be proud of
  • A complete approach – Master over 2,000 words – including sight words – AND test your comprehension with sentences
"Exceptional. And this is what my two kids said about it in their own words. My 6-year-old boy says, "... that I can play English, and that I like Frederick and I can play it whenever I can..." My 10-year-old girl says, "I can learn English the easier and better way and that I like a lot. It's great that they've come up with something like this." Their answers to me asking them about the app. Highly recommended!"

- Dávid
"The app is steadily helping with pronunciation and vocab and I'm really enjoying it. I really like learning using simple games."

- Rasa
"Love it. My son always refuses to use the apps I downloaded, but with this app, he claimed 'I wanna play, I wanna play!' It was love at first sight ;-)"

- Jacqueline
"It helped me to sound out correctly the letters and to read the 'right' way. I am French and sometimes my French accent makes it hard to stress words as I should, so the app helps me a lot."

- Lydie
"I bought this App a couple of days ago and I and my kids just love it. It's a super great way to learn how to read in English. The games are also really engaging. So it doesn't seem like learning for my boys. I wish there was a similar App for the German language! Really good work:-)"

- Olga
"I notice that my pronunciation is improving and my speech became smoother than it was before."

- Victoria
The first 3 levels of Frederick are FREE so you can try this new system and improve right now without any risk!

But if you want COMPLETE ACCESS to every sound so you really speak like a native...

You can upgrade for 75% OFF in the first 30 minutes of using the app to get instant access to levels 4-35, all games and over 2,000 words and sentences!

That's EVERY level and every English sound!

This 75% discount is an incredible value as many people pay HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars for training like this in traditional classes...

And those lessons take YEARS!

Amazing, right?

Your upgrade payment gives you access to 2000 words and sentences - everything from the alphabet to advanced vocabulary like "anxious" and "synthesis."

But the price will be going up when new features are added, so upgrade TODAY!

If you want your child to become an excellent reader...

Or if YOU want to be understood, and have the confidence to pronounce ANY word in your conversations, click on the button below for either Apple iOS or Google Play to start improving with Frederick for FREE...

And be sure to upgrade within the first 30 minutes to get the 75% discount.

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